There was once this bride who was kept hidden in a faraway place, locked up somewhere far in the deep mountains. The bride spent her life isolated with little else to do but abide to Mother Nature. Obediently, she laid fascinated in those deep cliffs, observing the world, the beautiful sky and nature that surrounded her, the peasants as years passed by and they lived and went about their lives.
She was a myth, a legend. The myths and the legends all mentioned her name. Peasants knew that there was this hidden bride, searched high and far, but never knew her secret place. As years went by, men gave up searching for their hidden bride and accepted that she’d had second thoughts and went on with her life so they did the same.
Little did they know that she will keep holding on never giving up, wishing upon shooting stars as she waited and waited never giving up hope that one day someone will know about her secret place and fall in love with her…longing for the day when her life begins.
The bride waited and waited, day after day, determined that one day she will be found, until decades later he found her. He knew her hidden place and finally rescued her.
Everyone told him that it was a hopeless search. And still, he waited until the covered snow melted. Spring came, he stood there, many hours passed observing as he faced the beautiful mountain, and still… couldn’t find her…
Mesmerized by the moment, the beauty of the mountain, he took photos. Not seeing his bride at first, back home he looked back at the photos. And there she was, inside a proud mountain she was engraved, lying gracefully… Unique in its form, a vague image still, he went to his friend the artist and asked him to trace her path.
Doctor Lteif finally unlocked her hidden secret, the rumored legendary engraved by the hand of God, some 250 million years back. It was there where he stood, it was his lens that helped him find his beautiful bride.
They both never once gave up hope despite the circumstances, they refused to despair.…
I am here, I am living, I am free…  For like the first time ever, I’m completely free!
Important Facts
Mount Sannine
Mount Sannine is in Baskinta, Mount Lebanon.Holy Scripture (psalms 42, 43, “From Hermon, from the mountain of Mitsar”), the prophecies, the myths and the legends all mention its holy name.Its highest point is 2,628 m (8,622 feet) above sea level in Lebanon.
Aarouss Sannine
Aarouss Sannine dates back some 250,000,000 years back, during the 1st Jurassic Period. It is 1km high, 1600m legs and 2600m head.The head lays on the right peek of Sannine mountain and her feet end at the far bottom of the mountain.
The person who first found her is unknown. He was the first to take a photo of the mountain, which later, while looking at the photo, he was able to identify her. He then passed away leaving the photo behind. The photo reached the hands of a man called Hanna. Hanna gave it to Bechara Aalam, a friend of Dr. Lteif, Internal Medicine.
It was Dr. Lteif’s lens that helped him find the Bride of Sannine and it was with the support of his friend the artist Antoine G. Ghanem who put the lines on the first drafted photos, which helped Carmencitta team to photoshoot the bride in full HD format and dress her in white.
Carmencitta needs to thank Dr. Lteif for providing us with facts and information. The editorial content and art work is exclusively for Carmencitta. 
How to get there
When you first stand facing the mountain, you don’t see the bride. However, if you take the road of Zaarour and take this specific angle facing the mountain, you will only be able to see the slight traces of the bride. Jabal Sannine in Baskinta, Mount Lebanon, Lebanon. Follow the road that leads to Zaarour where Jabal Sannine is right facing you. It is only clearly visible in the afternoon from 3 to 6 pm.
 CARMENCITTA wishes our bride eternal happiness …