Carmencitta Magazine - A weird Spa Treatment Therapy 4You are thinking about going to a spa in order to pamper yourself. However, you got bored from the usual spa treatments such as: hot stones on your back, aromatherapy, and conventional massage sessions. You want something new, something fun and adventurous. Search no more, as we have found you one of the strangest spa treatments that you will ever hear about; the snake massage.

In fact, this may be the great opportunity for you to get over your fear of snakes (or maybe not).

Location and information

Carmencitta Magazine - A weird Spa Treatment Therapy 2The spa locates in Ada Barak’s Carnivorous Plant Farm and Snake Spa in Talmey El’ Azar, Israel. It was at the beginning, a snake farm, and later on, turned into a spa. The spa coordinates the snakes in order for you to have the ultimate massage experience. The snakes are divided into two categories: big snakes that reach up to 8 feet long for deep massage, in addition to small snakes that are used for smaller and lighter massage. In fact, Ada claims that snakes have the ability (a sixth sense) to detect where a human being is feeling pain, and after that, they head towards the injury trying to heal it.


Carmencitta Magazine - A weird Spa Treatment Therapy 3For about $105, you will benefit from a 60 minutes massage session where a specialist stays with you so he or she can guide the snakes towards you back, neck, head, and legs. In addition, there will be people who are present to calm you down in case you have a panic attack. In fact, snakes are nervonomous; they will detect where you have tangles in your muscles, and head to them to massage it (the big snakes) and make you feel relief.

Moreover, the health and beauty benefits of this treatment are: the release of muscle tension, stress relief, and healing of bones and joints’ aches.