What’s the secret behind this timeless couple? 

Timeless couple goes against all odds. 

Timeless couple … a relationship that lasts forever. Anyone who is single, divorced or in a complicated relationship tends to wonder… ‘How do they make their relationship last forever?’ 

Couples face lots of different life obstacles. These obstacles can either make couples fall apart or make them grow closer together.  A timeless couple fight together against all odds. 

What’s the secret behind this timeless couple ? 

To start with, a successful timeless couple is based on true friendship. They know each other well, their highs and lows and their likes and dislikes. A timeless couple knows how to make their partner laugh, how to enjoy the same things together. They are best friends and best friends work hard to maintain a friendship. 

It is said that lack of affection and sexual intimacy is the first step towards a failure.  Losing that bond is stressful for a couple especially for men as they tend to express their love physically. Physical affection and intimacy does not really mean sex.  Kisses, hugs, back rubs and even a pat on the head are expressions of affection. For a timeless couple it increases their intimacy and can make them feel loved.

Communication seems simple for a timeless couple . But the truth is that communication is incredibly difficult to do in a long lasting relationship. The problem with communication is that most people are not good at it.  To be able to communicate you need to speak honestly, listen carefully and think more about how the other person is feeling. A timeless couple does all that. 

Like water to a flower, mutual respect nourishes the timeless couple . You respect by listening to one another’s opinions, accepting each other’s ideas and expressing pride. This makes a timeless couple feel loved and safe. However, without trust there can be no respect. 

A timeless couple is all that. Always together against all odds.