A room with a sky view? Four Seasons unveils its luxury private jet, the world’s first hotel private jet.

The Boeing 757 kitted out by the luxury Four Seasons brand promises to deliver the full fancy hotel experience at 30,000 feet.
The Toronto-based luxury accommodation company has just released the first images and a video showing the interior of the retrofitted single-aisle aircraft.
With a decor it says is inspired by “caviar and champagne,” the plane features 52 flatbed seats in handcrafted leather, handwoven woolen carpets and fancy tableware.
That’s nearly 150 seats fewer than in standard commercially operated 757s.

On the outside the aircraft is rendered in a glossy black livery with the Four Seasons logo emblazoned on the tail fin.
As for the on-board chefs, the Four Seasons-trained cabin crew include an executive chef, sous chef, concierge and guest services manager all experienced the same level of service as they do in a Four Seasons hotel.
The only real difference is that occasionally they have to do a little juggling when there’s turbulence.