Whether you bought it or you are renting it, a small apartment can sometimes be hard to decorate in order to make it feel like home. Forget about the bedrooms, the living room and the dining room, a small kitchen is one of the hardest parts of an apartment or a house when it comes to decoration. This is why, we have teamed with experts and collected the best tips and ideas on how to decorate a kitchen.

Stick to Monochromes

Carmencitta Magazine - Kitchen Decoration Ideas 2Using a monochrome colored palette is a good way to make a kitchen feel big. For example: you can used two colors such as black and white for the tiles, and keep it like that. Do not add multiple colors as they will make the kitchen look smaller than it really is.

Add Shelves

Carmencitta Magazine - Kitchen Decoration Ideas 3Use every small free space that you still have in order to add some shelves. In fact, shelves can be used to put in them plates, service essentials, cups, and everything else. Moreover, if you want to give your shelves an extra embellishment, you can decorate the back with a wallpaper that has some patterns on it.

Carmencitta Magazine - Kitchen Decoration Ideas 4If your kitchen is open to the living room

Most of the kitchen are not separated from the living room by a wall. This is why, between the living room and the kitchen you should add a table and some chairs so that they act as a separator. Moreover, try to keep the ambiance modern and cool by adding a rug under the table.

Add a splash of color

Carmencitta Magazine - Kitchen Decoration Ideas 5In addition to using a monochromatic design, you can add one color that will make the kitchen pop up and have a more modern look. For example: with the black and white colors, you can add a splash of red. You can make all the essentials and cooking materials red, or any other bright color.