Here’s some joyful DIY Christmas room decoration ideas.

Start your Christmas room decoration by working on string Christmas trees; cover a cone in cling wrap and then start by adding some pins to it so that the wool won’t slide off. Mix the wool with glue and water and start wrapping the small tree, with whatever crazy way you like. When done, let it dry and have the pins and cone removed. You can decorate the tree with white or colorful pearls. Prepare these trees in different colors and sizes and decorate your shelf with them.

Glitter Pinecones
Enhance your Christmas room decoration with those easy-to-make glittery pinecones; Start by using the silver spray paint and then the silver chunky glitter to coat the whole pinecone. You can make them in different colors, like silver, red or gold, perfect for Christmas (don’t forget to wear gloves!).
When done, pile the pinecones in a basket, and put them your shelf for a festive atmosphere.

Doily Baskets
Get a doily fabric and a small glass bowl and cover it in plastic. Mix the doily in glue and water paste and spread the doily over the bottom of the bowl. When dry, remove the doily from the glass.
They will look amazing with some Christmas balls, fluffy pom poms, tea light candles or chocolate.

Santa Hats
To complete your Christmas room decoration with santa hats, wrap a tape around the bottom of a cone (to keep that part white), then color the cone with red paint. While the paint is still wet, sprinkle red glitter on the cone, and then carefully remove the tape, adding some glue and sprinkling it with white glitter. You can then make the belt buckle with cardboard and silver glitter and spread the black ribbon through it. Attach it to the cone with a small pin and glue silver pom poms to the top and you’re ready to go!