Most people do not know that they do not need to throw thousands of dollars to hire an interior designer who will decorate their home just like they can do by themselves. In fact, interior designer do not want you to learn their tricks, so they can keep in benefiting from your money while offering you services that you can do all by yourself. Keep on reading this article as we guide you through the top decoration secrets and ideas that you need to know.

Carmencitta Magazine - Decoration Secrets You Need To Know 1Start with a color scheme

Whether it is a full makeover or just a simple room redesign, the first step you need to do, is picking a color palette. In fact, there are two general options, you can either go bold with strong colors like red and blue, or simple with calm colors like beige and white. The decision is yours.

Carmencitta Magazine - Decoration Secrets You Need To Know 2Use some statement pieces

Every person has at least one piece that he or she likes to show it off. In fact, showing off your antiques will never go wrong! You can use them as wall hangings, or in a utilitarian room like the bathroom.

Carmencitta Magazine - Decoration Secrets You Need To Know 3Use low furniture to fake the height of the room

All you need to do is use strong verticals, and avoid horizontals like large mirrors. Moreover, when you do that, you will have everyone thinking the room is much higher than it is!

Carmencitta Magazine - Decoration Secrets You Need To Know 4jpgGive your windows a pop of color

Windows are the most overlooked part of a room, as well as the most overlooked opportunity in order to make a bold statement. Paint them green to blend in with the landscape, or a bright color that ties in with the color scheme or feel of the entire room

The Sofa is king

Do not try to compromise on the sofa. In fact, postponing the act of investing in a great one until the messy kids have left home, will not make the room look nice. Moreover, put your money into a quality, well-made sofa that will last a long.