Most men, find it difficult having a wet shave in the morning, right before going to a predictable hard day at work. How about we guide you through the steps that make your shaving experience enjoyable rather than hard?

There are 5 steps that guarantee you having a good time while shaving

Step 1: Cleaning and Exfoliating

Preparation preparation! In order to make your skin ready for wet shaving, you need to clean it and exfoliate it. In fact, cleaning and exfoliating get rid of the excess oil and dirt that get stuck in your pores and face cells.


Step 2: Pre-shaving products

After cleaning and exfoliating, dry your skin with a warm towel and apply pre-shaving oil that helps nourishing the skin and hydrating it. Next, prepare a cotton towel that you pre-soak in warm water, squeeze, and put on your face.

Step 3: Foam creation  

Soak your shaving brush in water, remove and let the excess water fall off before you continue. Next, put some shaving cream in a bowl and in circular motion, try to make the paste transform into foam. After that, put the paste on your beard using the brush.


Step 4: Blade usage

In order to allow the blade sweep smoothly on your face, you should hold it at a 30 degree angle according to your skin. For a perfect shave, always follow the route where your hair is pointing. Shaving downward is the best way. Moreover, use your second hand to tighten your skin for the pores to be more open.

Step 5: Post-shaving stage

Once you are done, use a cotton towel soaked In cold water. Put the towel on your skin for several minutes. Next, rinse away shaving cream residue.

P.S.: Do not forget to use a post-shaving lotion to help soothe the skin and give it the necessary hydration it needs.