It can be really hard for men to really know and choose what colors and designs that suit them the best.

Let’s start with some men’s fashion basics tips:

When it comes suits: the jacket should be slim and cover your bottom. The trousers should not be skinny.

Now, note this very important tip among the men’s fashion basics tips: you have to opt for something in a solid navy or grey and then expand from there – burgundy, olive or even khaki. Black is not suitable for business or the day but it’s modern in the evening.

Moving on with some more men’s fashion basics tips concerning blazers/sport coats: it is the same fit as a suit jacket but you have to cut a little shorter in length.

Regarding the waistcoat, if you really want to wear it for a business meeting then look for 100% wool versions and choose neutral colors.
As for the tuxedo, note this useful tip among men’s fashion basics tips: Make sure the fit is razor sharp and go for one in a black wool or cotton with a grosgrain lapel and matching bow tie.

If you’re going to wear coats over a suit jacket you have to make sure there is a bit of extra room in the shoulders. Opt for a snug fit and length that ends a couple of inches above your knees.

What about formal shoes? Every man should own in his closet a pair of black cap toe shoes, a pair of brown Oxfords, burgundy penny loafers and tan brogues.

Hats, Scarves, Gloves – again, this comes as a very useful tip among men’s fashion basics tips seeing that it is a personal preference: if you tend to wear a lot of color in your everyday apparel then opt for neutral colored pieces to help anchor your look. However, if you are a more neutral person already then use these accessories to add some style to your wardrobe.


Finally, don’t forget to wear whatever outfit you choose with confidence – the key to pulling off even the most unusual look.