About Quintonil

It is in Mexico City’s, Polanco distinct, Mexico. It expresses the flavors and forms of modern Mexican cooking. The restaurant shows a deep partnership between the chef Jorge Vallejo and his wife Alejandra Flores. Quintonil is special because of the warm welcoming atmosphere and the like-home food. It opened in 2012 and became in the list of the 50 Best Restaurants in 2013.

The Chef

Jorge Vallejo through a few years made a big name of the restaurant. He advocates of using products from the nation’s small agricultural producers. Moreover, the chef takes a contemporary take on home cooking. Jorge’s cuisine is refined and balanced, celebrating healthy ingredients and their harmonious flavors. He follows the Pujol which is a new ideology of Mexican cooking. Furthermore, the Pujol chef combines indigenous ingredients with exciting cooking techniques to create a seamless elevation of Mexican cuisine.

Special Tasting Menu

The menu items demonstrate Vallejo ’s ability to rework traditional dishes into new permutations. Also it utilizes locally sourced native ingredients. He tries to make an amazing combination of flavors such as cactus based amuse bouche with crackling, tuna sashimi with a cuttlefish ink and lemon and pork reduction. Moreover, the food is artfully presented. For example, the black bean soup comes as a white bowl decorated with a swish of color from a puree of cilantro and delicate. Some dishes come decorated with tiny purple and pink edible flowers that make way for rich delicious food.

The Place

A cozy, relaxed place is offered for you to have your food. It is in a smart-looking street in upmarket Polanco. A small, narrow dining room leads into a light, bright open space flanked by walls. All the walls covered in leaves to give a garden feel. Quintonil ’s vibe is  elegant. So that it is perfect for anything from business meeting to special occasion.