We all know that during Christmas Eve and Christmas day, most of the bars and restaurants will be closed. However, there are some of them that stay open in NYC in order to welcome their customers on those two beautiful days. You don’t know where to have a thing to eat or where to go for a drink on Christmas? Here are the top bars and restaurants in NYC to visit.

Rolf’s German Restaurant

Located in 281 3rd Ave, this is the place where you will find ceilings covered with wreaths which are lit with small lights and adorned with colorful balls. Moreover, you will also see walls covered with Poinsettias, and all the other free space is full of garlands. Make sure you have some schnitzel while you’re there.


This one’s location is 287 3rd Ave. in fact, visiting this restaurant should be a privilege that is given only to the people who are fans of Christmas lights, not only fans; but really devoted people who get fascinated by the lights of the decorations. In fact, this pub is a cozy, home feeling place that will make you feel the spirit deep in your veins. While you are there, make sure you have a burger, or an apple pie and whiskey dessert.

Pete’s Tavern

Pete’s Tavern dates back to 1864. In fact, this place is a Union Square institution, and its tradition of decorating during this holiday dates back to only a few decades ago. Once you get there, you will witness the wreaths outside and lights over the awning, garlands and ornaments in back of the bar, and best yet, the entire ceiling is covered in holiday lights. Moreover, it is perfect to go there when you want to take a break from the Union Square holiday market with a glass of homemade eggnog and an entertaining hour perusing Pete’s many knickknacks and Christmas trinkets strewn around the space. The place is located in 129 E. 18th St.