Do-it-yourself Christmas Room Decoration

Here’s some joyful DIY Christmas room decoration ideas.

Start your Christmas room decoration by working on string Christmas trees; cover a cone in cling wrap and then start by adding some pins to it so that the wool won’t slide off. Mix the wool with glue and water and start wrapping the small tree, with whatever crazy way you like. When done, let it dry and have the pins and cone removed. You can decorate the tree with white or colorful pearls. Prepare these trees in different colors and sizes and decorate your shelf with them.

Glitter Pinecones
Enhance your Christmas room decoration with those easy-to-make glittery pinecones; Start by using the silver spray paint and then the silver chunky glitter to coat the whole pinecone. You can make them in different colors, like silver, red or gold, perfect for Christmas (don’t forget to wear gloves!).
When done, pile the pinecones in a basket, and put them your shelf for a festive atmosphere.

Doily Baskets
Get a doily fabric and a small glass bowl and cover it in plastic. Mix the doily in glue and water paste and spread the doily over the bottom of the bowl. When dry, remove the doily from the glass.
They will look amazing with some Christmas balls, fluffy pom poms, tea light candles or chocolate.

Santa Hats
To complete your Christmas room decoration with santa hats, wrap a tape around the bottom of a cone (to keep that part white), then color the cone with red paint. While the paint is still wet, sprinkle red glitter on the cone, and then carefully remove the tape, adding some glue and sprinkling it with white glitter. You can then make the belt buckle with cardboard and silver glitter and spread the black ribbon through it. Attach it to the cone with a small pin and glue silver pom poms to the top and you’re ready to go!

Workaholic Husband

Workaholic Husband , Deal With It 

You are proud of his work. But he’s workaholic. 


While you are proud of his hard work and thankful that he has a job, but you also are a little jealous. Your workaholic husband swears that he’s not cheating on you. But for you, he’s kind of … with his job. Well, a workaholic must love his career to be able to give it too much and from his valuable time. He is totally dedicated to it. He wants to make sure things get done correctly.

A workaholic acts the same way men in affairs with women do. He takes mysterious phone calls when you are out to dinner. His phone keeps beeping with early or late morning texts. And when you are lying in bed, he secretly emails and text co-workers. He thinks you’re not looking.

Of course making a big deal out of it, won’t get you anywhere. Learn how to deal with a workaholic husband. 

To start with you need to stop getting jealous from his laptop. You know it’s the only major tool to get things done for a him. 

When it gets really tough to handle, talk about it with him. Explain to your workaholic that he needs to be around to cater to your needs. If this is missing, it would lead to insecurity and emotional void in your relationship.

But, it’s not always about you. Listen to him and try to find out why he is a workaholic. You may learn something new. Directly after that try to set limits. Slowly, help your workaholic to work a bit less. But let the limit be a sensible one. Say “no” when needed. During this you and him alone, let your workaholic unwind. Create an interesting life for both of you. In case you need to share his work problems and achievements. Show interest in goals, daily problems, but make sure it does not drag. 

Finally, accept that your workaholic partner leads this busy life. Learn how to use your alone time wisely.

Hotel in The Sky by Four Seasons

A room with a sky view? Four Seasons unveils its luxury private jet, the world’s first hotel private jet.

The Boeing 757 kitted out by the luxury Four Seasons brand promises to deliver the full fancy hotel experience at 30,000 feet.
The Toronto-based luxury accommodation company has just released the first images and a video showing the interior of the retrofitted single-aisle aircraft.
With a decor it says is inspired by “caviar and champagne,” the plane features 52 flatbed seats in handcrafted leather, handwoven woolen carpets and fancy tableware.
That’s nearly 150 seats fewer than in standard commercially operated 757s.

On the outside the aircraft is rendered in a glossy black livery with the Four Seasons logo emblazoned on the tail fin.
As for the on-board chefs, the Four Seasons-trained cabin crew include an executive chef, sous chef, concierge and guest services manager all experienced the same level of service as they do in a Four Seasons hotel.
The only real difference is that occasionally they have to do a little juggling when there’s turbulence.


Christmas Decorating with Outdoor Christmas Lights

It can be challenging to choose the outdoor Christmas lights and decorations for the exterior of your home because exaggerated ones are not the solution.

Follow these simple tips and tricks so you don’t have the whole neighborhood talking about your unorganized outdoor Christmas lights


Outdoor Christmas lights or even indoor decorations are something you collect over the years, that’s why you must add a little bit more to the things you have each year. One tip is to take photos of your outdoor Christmas lights every year and compare them to see where you went right or wrong.

Start by setting a plan and creating a theme and not just “throwing” everything you have out there. You can get a sign that says for example “Wise men still seek him” and hang it on top of your house. Then you can add angels, a star, the wise men with the camels, and shepherds. You can choose another theme, keeping in mind that what makes a house look great on the outside with outdoor Christmas lights is having a cohesive message to deliver.


You can put things that are stationary, few things that throb or things that twinkle. That way it’s all layered and you don’t get too much of one thing.

While hanging your outdoor Christmas lights, you must also keep in mind what your house will look like in the daytime.

You can do a scalloped garland so it is interwoven with the outdoor Christmas lights through it. Use materials and supplies specific for the exterior, like outdoor ribbons which are wider and bigger, or plastic outdoor balls and ornaments.

And PLEASE! do not leave your outdoor Christmas lights up all year long, hang them towards mid-November and take them off after Christmas, not three weeks later!

If you’re trying to implicitly convince a friend who keeps them all year long that what they’re doing is wrong, send them this article, I think I made the message clear!

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