The Most Expensive Keyboards

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In our modern days, everybody needs a computer which is an essential part of every household. A computer comes in different shapes, a laptop, a desktop or a tablet, and each house owns at least one. The ways we use our computers are countless, we use them for paying our bills, writing, socializing, shopping, and many more. Moreover, an important part of our computers is a keyboard, that without, we cannot do anything. However, some people take it to a whole new level, and choose the most expensive keyboards. Here is a list of the most expensive keyboards out there.

Happy Hacking Keyboard HP Japan

Carmencitta MAgazine - Most expensive keyboardThis is the most expensive keyboard that exists. In fact, its price is $4,400. Moreover, this keyboard is hand coated with Urushi lacquer using a special brush made from the hairs of virgins. After that, the keyboard is powdered with gold dust. Moreover, it only has 60 keys.

Optimus Popularis

Carmencitta MAgazine - Most expensive keyboard 1Optimus Popularis is a keyboard that its keys display any image and assigned any function. It’s worth $2,554. Moreover, it is created to be able to function for any language, layout, or symbol. In addition, it has multiple options such as music notes, numerals, codes, math functions, images, special symbols, and so on.


Optimus Maximus

Carmencitta MAgazine - Most expensive keyboard 2This keyboard’s price is $2,400, and it has a simple and elegant design. Moreover, all its keys are backlit with white OLED light to allow the key to be changed as the user sees fit. In addition, you can find on the left side a section filled with social media buttons, such as Facebook and Twitter which will make it easier for the user to access social media accounts and pages. The keyboard has an extra option that allows the user to store custom layouts.


Carmencitta MAgazine - Most expensive keyboard 3jpgThis one is a long lasting keyboard. In fact, it will last more than normal normal office keyboards. Moreover, this keyboard’s worth is $2,200. Additionally, its design makes it ideal for dirty, wet and harsh environments.

Keep Calm and Decorate Your Christmas Tree!

Decorate your Christmas tree to make a hit this season!

A beautifully decorated Christmas tree is a centerpiece for the entire holiday season. So why not take the time to generate a real show stopper?

Learn step-by-step how to decorate your Christmas tree for this season:

It’s time to pop some corn, put on your favorite Christmas songs and make an afternoon of it with the entire family.

Start by defining the theme: Maybe a richly traditional one, a whole look on gold, or just tropical ornaments.

Once you’ve gathered the material to decorate your Christmas tree, it’s time to begin.

When it comes to decorating your Christmas tree, fluffy is one of those key details that people often rush through. Shape each section to give your tree a natural look and have more space to place all the ornaments.

Another advice to decorate your Christmas tree is to use beautiful ribbons; choose a focal point on the tree and drape the ribbon in waves. You can also make a bouquet-like focal point. Why not using the tree bouquets which are charming preselected groupings that create an instant splash.

Continue to decorate your Christmas tree by adding the ornaments, place the topper of the tree: you can create a double bow paired with a flower at the center, then add some picks. What’s left to do is to secure the topper to the tree with a floral wire.

Next is adding the ornaments to the tree; they are like jewelry to a ball gown. Start from the top by showcasing your favorite ornament in prime positions then add space filler ornaments evenly around the tree, from the inside out, to create some interest. Use glittered or even glass ornaments.

That’s how you create a holiday experience that your family will want to ravel in all season long!

Wishing you a happy holiday from Carmencitta team! 🙂

Does Love Conquer All?

Couple in love holding hearts.

Love Isn’t All You Need.

There comes a time in every relationship when love is not enough.

” I love you without knowing how, or when or from where. All I know is that I love you. ” This painted rosy picture is by far not enough to make any relationship work. It definitely takes more than that.

It’s true that most of the time we do not get to choose. We fall in love ; the right person, the wrong person, the easy going the tough… it’s endless. Then it becomes; it is impossible, it is risky, it’s pointless… It takes more than that to overcome those tough ones.

Those four elements are very important in a relationship especially during critical times. 

Communication is main key element. You used to communicate well before those tons of problems appeared. It’s funny how we withdraw from each other during difficult times. When it’s now more than ever that a proper communication is needed. Just keep expressing how you feel but in a positive way without accusing and blaming. Open up and keep way for discussion.  

Another kind is appreciation. Move a bit from the negativity that is surrounding you both. Focus instead on the positive aspects of your partner and show how much you appreciate them and their efforts. This gives hope and motivation. Always remind yourself of what made you sparkle when you first met him/her and build on it. 

But where did it all go? Spend quality time with each other far away from issues of life. It is important especially during difficult moments. Soon you’ll be looking forward for the next intimate meeting. 

It is to sacrifice yourself, to think outside of your spirit and your own needs. 

They say love conquers all? Maybe, if we follow those four love elements.  

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