Colorful Ornament Garland as Done by Professionals

Since the holiday season brings joy and happiness to the world, then the decoration should also be cheerful. So what is more cheerful than colors? That’s why the colorful ornament garland seems to be a great item to be used in your Christmas decoration. It adds colors to your tree or even to your mantelpiece, and brings life and originality to your decoration.


In fact, you can easily create your own colorful ornament garland. This way, you can choose the colors of ornaments that suit your home decoration and theme.

As shown in the tutorial, to create the ornament garland you will need a wire and a set of ornaments. Creating the garland consists of only inserting the ornaments in the wire. Bundle the ornaments tightly together to give the garlands some volume. You may also want to replace the wire by a colored ribbon or tulle to add more colors to the garland; however, for doing this, you will need a long embroidery needle to help you to insert the ornaments into the ribbon. If you have old ornaments that you no longer use, bring them too. They might look good collaborated.

But you have to be aware on the type of ribbon or wire you choose to use. If the ornaments were heavy, make sure to use the sturdy type. Plus, you will need to secure the metal caps on the ornaments using hot glue or super glue, so they won’t fall off.

The colorful ornament garland can be simply laid on the mantelpiece, or hung from side to side by washers like the way Martha Stuart did in the tutorial. Moreover, the ornament garland can be used to decorate your tree, also, in a non-traditional manner.

Now that’s a fun way to start off with your Christmas decoration!


Create the perfect Playroom for your children

Carmencitta Magazine - Playroom for your children 1

When you have more than one kid, a playroom is an essential part of your house. Unless you want their toys to be shattered around the house, making it look messy and unorganized whenever a visitor appears on your front door. In fact, you have a room that is not used for anything, or you can provide a room that you will declare as a playroom, follow these instructions to get to know how to create the perfect playroom for your children.

Carmencitta-Magazine-Playroom-for-your-children-2Clear out the room

This step is obvious, because the first thing you need to create an organized playroom, is to completely empty it. Do not panic, we know this step is hard, but if you don’t do it, you will end up with an even messier room. All you need to do is take everything out of the room, and start from scratch.

Carmencitta Magazine - Playroom for your children 3Get rid of unwanted things

Now take an honest look at all the things that your child has. Do not keep non useful things just because they were a gift from grandma and grandpa. Sit down, relax, and sort the toys out. Moreover, an easy way to do that, is by making three piles: Donate, trash, and keep. In fact, this is one of the easiest ways to know what you need to keep and what you need to get rid of. Furthermore, think about the joy of the children who do not have toys, once they receive piles and piles of toys that came from you and your children.


Carmencitta Magazine - Playroom for your children 4

Once it is empty, you can now visualize what you want it to look like. Paint, boards, boxes, chairs, drawings, anything you could ever imagine can be put into this little room. Moreover, you need to take into consideration the budget that you have, and how much money you want to spend on a room that will be specifically used to be played in.


Christmas Decorating with Outdoor Christmas Lights

It can be challenging to choose the outdoor Christmas lights and decorations for the exterior of your home because exaggerated ones are not the solution.

Follow these simple tips and tricks so you don’t have the whole neighborhood talking about your unorganized outdoor Christmas lights


Outdoor Christmas lights or even indoor decorations are something you collect over the years, that’s why you must add a little bit more to the things you have each year. One tip is to take photos of your outdoor Christmas lights every year and compare them to see where you went right or wrong.

Start by setting a plan and creating a theme and not just “throwing” everything you have out there. You can get a sign that says for example “Wise men still seek him” and hang it on top of your house. Then you can add angels, a star, the wise men with the camels, and shepherds. You can choose another theme, keeping in mind that what makes a house look great on the outside with outdoor Christmas lights is having a cohesive message to deliver.


You can put things that are stationary, few things that throb or things that twinkle. That way it’s all layered and you don’t get too much of one thing.

While hanging your outdoor Christmas lights, you must also keep in mind what your house will look like in the daytime.

You can do a scalloped garland so it is interwoven with the outdoor Christmas lights through it. Use materials and supplies specific for the exterior, like outdoor ribbons which are wider and bigger, or plastic outdoor balls and ornaments.

And PLEASE! do not leave your outdoor Christmas lights up all year long, hang them towards mid-November and take them off after Christmas, not three weeks later!

If you’re trying to implicitly convince a friend who keeps them all year long that what they’re doing is wrong, send them this article, I think I made the message clear!

Get your home summer ready

Carmencitta Magazine - Get your home summer ready 6.

Summer is here and we all know how nice it is to sit on the porch and feel like we are in heaven while sipping our fresh juices. This is why, we have some tips for you on how to decorate your house in order to look more summery.

Get your curtains out

Carmencitta Magazine - Get your home summer ready 1

Hanging white outdoor curtains that flow with the air will immediately make you think of summer mood. Moreover, in addition to their tropical vacation-like feeling, they give shadow and protect your porch from the burning sun.

Shells shells shells



Grab a glass vase from the dollar store, fill half of it with sand, and the other half with shells. This small thing, helps create the feeling that you are on the beach. What’s more summery than the beach?!

Add some colors


Colored cushions and flowers, are a great way to make your porch look fresh and fun. This way you can have a beautiful night on the porch with your friends, and maybe take a nap outside.

Swings and swing chairs

Carmencitta Magazine - Get your home summer ready4

When we picture a summery display, we cannot get the swings out of the image! If you don’t have a place for the big one, you can buy the small one that fits one person and can be hanged from the ceiling.

Do not forget the flower

The use of flowers, especially the white ones, gives the feeling of a fresh, calm, and peaceful place.

Set up an outside bar


The internet is full of do it yourself videos on how to create your own outside bar. This is a perfect addition to your backyard where you can have barbecue dinners with your friends and enjoy a cold beer.

Transform a small space into a big one

Carmencitta Magazine - Transform a small space into a big one

Nowadays, not a lot of people can afford having big homes or apartments, so we opt to have a small place that we try to make it feel and look like it is bigger. Moreover, creating, designing, and decorating a small house is something that is challenging to most of us. In fact, there are some tips and tricks that help you transform a small space into a big one. Furthermore, you do not need a specialist to tell you what to do; all you need is to use the following ideas, and you will be fine!

Carmencitta Magazine - Transform a small space into a big one 2Use mirrored furniture

Mirrored furniture consists of adding glass items. In fact, glass reflects the light, and gives the illusion of having a vast room. In addition, try to put a wide mirror on the wall. This way, you will double the space of your living room or bedroom.

Use a minimal motif

Carmencitta Magazine - Transform a small space into a big one 1A minimal motif means cutting down the use of blankets, cushions, pictures, pillows, etc… the more you add of those, the less your room will look big. However, this does not mean that you should not put them in your room, it means that you should minimize their number. If you are moving from a larger house, cut those extra decorating items into half.

In your living room, make the sofa the center point

Carmencitta Magazine - Transform a small space into a big one 3

Try as much as you can to focus the eyesight on one spot. Moreover, in living rooms, the focus should be put on the sofa. In order to do that, add a small shelf above it, and decorate it with picture frames and some flowers.

Accentuate neutrals by colors

Carmencitta Magazine - Transform a small space into a big one 4

Many people have the wrong idea that small spaces should only be decorated by neutral colored furniture. This is wrong. They sometimes forget that, in order to bring out the neutrals, colors should be added.


Paint your wall like a pro

Carmencitta MAgazine - Paint your wall like a pro 1

What most people fail to get is that it takes much more than just paint in order to successfully change the color of your wall. There are some specific tools that should be used, and rules that should be followed if you want your wall to look like it has been painted by a professional. Keep on reading this article as we guide you through the tools and rules on how to paint your wall like a pro.

Prepare the wall

Carmencitta MAgazine - Paint your wall like a pro 2Search the wall for any nail holes. And try to cover them by patching them with a spackling compound. Moreover, it is better to find one that has a built-in primer. This way, you will not have to prime the small dent before you start painting. Once you locate the dent, apply a tiny amount of the spackling compound and put it as tightly as you can against the wall with a specific knife. However, if you do not do that, you will end up with big spots that are slightly raised.

Prepare the Paint

Carmencitta MAgazine - Paint your wall like a pro3Once you decide which color you want your wall to be, and get a bucket, you should use your paint can opener in order to remove the lid. After that, make sure you stir the paint very well. You should stir it every time it’s left for more than 15 minutes because the paint separates as it sits.

Start Painting

Carmencitta MAgazine - Paint your wall like a pro4Use a strong, Roller that has a good quality. It needs to not flex on the wall. Moreover, the roller cover depends on the smoothness of your wall; the thinner the roller cover, the smoother the wall should be. Additionally, you need an extension for your roller so you can paint the whole wall. Moreover, you have to use an angled brush to paint around edges. After you are done, wipe away any mistake you have made by removing any unwanted paint spots by using a good quality rubbing alcohol.


Decoration Secrets You Need To Know

Carmencitta Magazine - Decoration Sec

Most people do not know that they do not need to throw thousands of dollars to hire an interior designer who will decorate their home just like they can do by themselves. In fact, interior designer do not want you to learn their tricks, so they can keep in benefiting from your money while offering you services that you can do all by yourself. Keep on reading this article as we guide you through the top decoration secrets and ideas that you need to know.

Carmencitta Magazine - Decoration Secrets You Need To Know 1Start with a color scheme

Whether it is a full makeover or just a simple room redesign, the first step you need to do, is picking a color palette. In fact, there are two general options, you can either go bold with strong colors like red and blue, or simple with calm colors like beige and white. The decision is yours.

Carmencitta Magazine - Decoration Secrets You Need To Know 2Use some statement pieces

Every person has at least one piece that he or she likes to show it off. In fact, showing off your antiques will never go wrong! You can use them as wall hangings, or in a utilitarian room like the bathroom.

Carmencitta Magazine - Decoration Secrets You Need To Know 3Use low furniture to fake the height of the room

All you need to do is use strong verticals, and avoid horizontals like large mirrors. Moreover, when you do that, you will have everyone thinking the room is much higher than it is!

Carmencitta Magazine - Decoration Secrets You Need To Know 4jpgGive your windows a pop of color

Windows are the most overlooked part of a room, as well as the most overlooked opportunity in order to make a bold statement. Paint them green to blend in with the landscape, or a bright color that ties in with the color scheme or feel of the entire room

The Sofa is king

Do not try to compromise on the sofa. In fact, postponing the act of investing in a great one until the messy kids have left home, will not make the room look nice. Moreover, put your money into a quality, well-made sofa that will last a long.

How to design a cozy living room

Carmencitta Magazine - cozy living room

Your big house is making it hard for you to make your living room look cozy. No matter how much you try, it seems impossible to make that large living room look put together, comfy, relaxing, and cozy. Stress no more, as we have some ideas, tips, and tricks on how to make that vast room look cozier and more put together.

Tall Potted Plants

Carmencitta Magazine - Tall Potted Plants 1

These are perfect for filling in empty corners, walls, and spaces. Moreover, if your ceiling is high, or window is big, place tall potted plants. In addition you can place them on each side of the big window. However, if your ceiling is not high enough for tall plants, medium length potted plants will go just fine.

Carmencitta-Magazine-Tall-Potted-Plants-2.Use two toned paint

This trick makes the eye think that ceilings are lower than they actually are. Moreover, they trick the sight into feeling that the place is a lot more close together and cozy.

Use ottomans instead of coffee tables

Carmencitta Magazine - Tall Potted Plants3

A living room will look messy if the sofas are away from each other. This is why, try to invest money on ottomans – tables that are covered like sofas – to make the room look more comfortable and relaxing.

Divide it into two seating areas


If the living room is way too big, try to divide it into two seating areas. Moreover, in order to separate the two, use a long bench or a daybed.

Add screens

A screen will make your living room look cozier because it gives the impression that it is a family room where you spend time watching tv and having snacks. In addition, it makes the room look smaller without bordering it.


Fill the walls

To make the room feel more put together, you need to pull the sofas away from the walls, which make them bare. Fill in walls by adding big paintings or a mini bar with benches tucked in under it.

How to make any room look better

Carmencitta Magazine - How to make ur room look better 1

It may sometimes seem too hard to make a living room or a bedroom look like you have seen in magazines. Moreover, the ability to style and decorate your house does not come within every single one of us. However, there are some tricks you can do and follow in order to make any room look better. Was it you bedroom, your bathroom, or any other room.

Here are some tips and tricks you can count on to make you look like you have been an interior designer your whole life:

Leave the room color until the end


When you are planning to furnish a new room, try to not paint it beforehand. As a result, you will be able to choose the furniture without being bordered and obliged in a certain color. Furthermore, you will maybe find a sofa that you like, but its color won’t look good with the room’s walls color.

Do not pile everything together

Carmencitta Magazine - How to make ur room look better 3.

Leave some space when you are distributing your furniture. This way, not only the room will look bigger, but it will give a feeling of tranquility and calmness.

Carmencitta-Magazine-How-to-make-ur-room-look-better-4.jCarefully choose the place and height of your artwork

In a living room, a simple art work can make a big difference, if you hang it correctly. Moreover, if the ceilings are high and white, choose a big painting and hang it in the middle. In addition, if the room is small, adding a big mirror will give the illusion that it is bigger than it really is.

Place the rug correctly

A rug can play a double role especially in a living room. If you place the sofas on it, the room will look cozy, stylish, and put together. However, if the rug is in the center and sofas are far from it, the room will look unorganized and messy.


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