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Men and Night Creams


When it comes to using products to keep their skin young and healthy, men don’t show as much interest as women do. However, men have been lately showing more interest in taking care of their skin. More and more men are becoming aware of the benefits of using night creams before going to sleep so they can wake up feeling renewed and refreshed. However, most of men still don’t know the benefits of using a Night Cream. This is why, we have gathered for you today, some information about night creams, and what they can do to your skin.

Moisturizers come first


Even though our bodies rest while we are asleep, our skin never stops working. This is why, some of you may notice that they wake up with an unexpected pimple. This is why, we must give our skin help in regenerating. Moreover, this can happen by using Night Creams that contain moisturizers. This way, we do not only help our skin become better, we also keep it from becoming dry. Furthermore, moisturizer based Night Creams, will make your skin glow the next day.

How to use Night Creams


Before going to bed, do the following things:

Using a warm piece of cloth, wash your face. Always make sure that your face is clean so that it could better absorb the nutrients and active ingredients.

Next, pat your face gently so that it could dry. Once dried, using a circular motion, apply a thin layer of cream on your face. P.S. putting too much cream on your face can backfire and clog your pores and sometimes, cause irritations.

The next day, right after you wake up, wash your face with warm water to remove any cream left overs from your face

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Finally, apply the daily skin care regime that you usually you use.

Eyebrow grooming for men

Carmencitta Magazine - Eye brow grooming for men 1

Eyebrow grooming is a thing that all women do in order to keep their faces looking neat. However, we have seen with time, men getting more interested in grooming their eyebrows. In fact, this is not an act that lessens the fact that you are manly! This is called hygiene and proper face care. In this article, you will be taught how to give your eyebrows the perfect grooming routine, was it plucking them, trimming, waxing, threading, or shaving.

First way: Plucking

Carmencitta Magazine - Eye brow grooming for men 2This is the easiest way. All you have to do is take a pair of tweezers, and pull out any undesired hair that does not fit in with the shape that you desire. This routine is a bit painful, however the most proper one. In order to have the best results, brush your eyebrows form the inside to the center so that the hairs can stand up, and look for any outsider that does not fit in, then pluck it out.

Second way: Trimming

Carmencitta Magazine - Eye brow grooming for men 3Eyebrow trimmers can be found in any drugstore. They consist of a brush and a razor that you should run along the brush so that t can cut all the hairs to the same length. In fact, this sis a way for men who do not have extra hair, but their eyebrows’ hair is longer than it should be.

Third way: Waxing

Carmencitta Magazine - Eye brow grooming for men 4This routine should be done by an expert. In fact, it is hard to apply hot wax in straight lines by yourself. All they do is apply hot melted wax on your upper brow and lower brow, put a piece of special paper on it, and pull it out. This way is painful, but it is worth it.

Carmencitta Magazine - Eye brow grooming for men 5

Fourth way: Threading

This is the simplest way of removing hair. The expert twists a piece of thread, and in a certain way, runs it on your eyebrows to remove all hair excess.

Fifth way: shaving

Carmencitta Magazine - Eye brow grooming for men 6The less painful way of the all, you just run a small blade on the undesirable hair, and you’re done!!


Signs of aging and how to stop them


Ageing is one of those things that you pray won’t happen but come to recognize as inevitability. That doesn’t mean you can’t take steps to stem the tide. Sure, it’s impossible to stop time, but you can press pause on your skin’s apparent aging. For all of you men, it’s not about looking 20 years younger. It’s about looking healthy and rested and the best version of you.

Here you are some the most obvious signs of ageing and solutions about how you late signs.

Graying Hair

Carmencitta MAgazine - Signs of aging 2Men fear going grey even more than they fear baldness or being overweight. But while dyeing hair might seem like the obvious remedy, for men it’s fraught with difficulty. The solution is using a fine comb to subtly blend color into areas of the hair that have lost their color. That will give you more natural look than applying dye to the whole head.


Carmencitta MAgazine - Signs of aging 3Men’s skin tends to age more slowly than women’s. But once a man hits his forties, and the ageing process really kicks in, the signs can be a lot more noticeable. To late your wrinkles you need to know your skin aging enemies. They are the sun, smoking, stress, sugar and alcohol.

Carmencitta MAgazine - Signs of aging 4Thinning Hair

Beginning from the scalp, gently pull a small hank of hair all the way to the tips of the hair. If more than six hairs come out, you have a thinning problem. The best cut for thinning hair is the classic short back and sides with a bit of texture added to the top.

Age Spots

The little clusters of melanin are a dead giveaway of your age. Numerous products exist to help fade the spots, but they often take months of continued use to reap benefits. This is why prevention is always better than cure. The best prevention is a usual use of a sunscreen and face scrubs.


For Men: How To Moisturize Your Skin

Carmencitta Magazine - For men - How to moisturising your skin

About half of all men all over the world use moisturizer on their face right now. The other half are well aware that they ought to try it. In comparative with women’s, men’s skin  is oilier, thicker, and harder to penetrate. So that men need moisturizers, as well, work to minimize wrinkling, sagging and other problems.

Factors To Consider Before Choosing Moisturizer


First: You have to know your skin type. Check your face four hours after you wash it. If your nose and forehead are shiny, you have oily skin. You need to use  a product that hydrates while absorbing excess oil. But if your face is possibly even flaky four hours after washing, it’s best to use a thicker lotion that traps in more moisture.

Second:The Weather factor. In the summer months, avoid anything heavy that might make you feel clammy. Instead use something light that has an SPF of 30 or higher.

Third:Your Age. From an early age you shouldn’t have to worry too much about wrinkles or blotches. But even if you’re older and already have wrinkles, anti-aging lotions can still make your skin look younger and healthier.

Moisturizing Tips for Men

Carmencitta Magazine - For men - How to moisturising your skin. 2.

    1. Know When to Apply Moisturizer.
    2. Pick a proper Moisturizer paying attention to the factors above. Choose it with repairing ingredients.
    3. Don’t Equate Price with Quality.
    4. Go Natural with Olive Oil and other homemade masks.
    5. Remember: Two minutes of your life everyday will help you look younger and fresher.

Benefits of Maintaining a Moisturizing Regimen



Moisturizers are proven to help treat dry, damaged skin and improve its texture. Maintaining a good moisturizing regimen will make you more comfortable, and it will also make you look better because, let’s face it, nobody looks their best with skin that is dry and flaky. In other words it’s good to maintain a healthy skepticism of products that promise to transform your skin and your looks.

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