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Solutions for men losing their hair

Solutions for men losing their hair


Men spend their lives trying to take care of their hair, finding the perfect haircut, going to the hairdresser weekly, and styling their hair with gel or spray. However, even if you care for it like a baby, you are prone to hair loss.

Solutions for men losing their hairOnce you see your hair falling and becoming thinner, you get to a panic point where you don’t know what to do anymore. Do not worry! We have some solutions for you.

A Tattoo

Solutions for men losing their hairNo, we’re not joking! An increasing amount of men are turning to scalp tattoos that give the impression of having short hair. Ouch! But seriously, it is a great way for you to stay away from looking bald. However, the remaining hair should always be cut short.

Hair Transplant

Solutions for men losing their hairThe more popular hair transplants are becoming, the more expensive they are getting. Celebrities all over the world are getting hair transplants (They can afford it, right?) such as Wayne Rooney. However, even if Wayne had a successful surgery, no doctor can guarantee you that you will have a 100% successful transplant. These surgeries can cost between £5,000 and £8,000 for the full treatment.

Another Idea

Solutions for men losing their hairA tattoo may seem too much pain for you to do, and a transplant costs too much money. As a solution, you can go for a natural hair loss slow down. In fact, hair health supplements are the most popular treatment for hair loss worldwide. The first reason is that they are safe, pain free, and easy to take. The second reason is that those pills are more affordable than a tattoo or a transplant.

Consider another haircut

Solutions for men losing their hairMost men make the same mistake of trying to make their hair grow longer in order to hide the baldness. However, a shorter cut will make you look less like you are losing your hair. Keeping your hair short will help your hair look thicker and more compact. Try it!

Hair mistakes men often do

Carmencitta Magazine - Hair mistakes men often do 2

The most important thing that men look for is efficiency; a thing that will make their lives easier and takes no time. However, they forget that some things need more time and more financial investment; such as hair. Too often, men make mistakes when it comes to their hair, because for them, it’s faster and easier. If by mistake, you are doing the following three things, you need to immediately stop, because they have a bad effect on your image, and on your hair.

Growing your hair too long

Carmencitta Magazine - Hair mistakes men often do 1While most men think it is appealing, growing your hair does not fit with all face shapes. In addition, it takes too much effort, care, and time. Shorter hair styles need the opposite, take no time, and no effort.  Moreover, if you are one of them men who grow their hair in order to hide bald parts of their heads, do not do it! This will make your hair look thinner, and your baldness more noticeable, and it is not cool!

Carmencitta Magazine - Hair mistakes men often do3Applying too much product

This is one of the things that most ruin your hair. If you are in a young age, try to limit it because applying too much product on your hair, often leads to baldness. Moreover, applying too much hair gel, was, and other products, is the same as wearing too much clothes at the same time, and it makes you look like an amateur.

Doing a hair style just because it is trendy

Carmencitta Magazine - Hair mistakes men often do4

One thing you have to put in your mind; your hair quality will not always be like the ones celebrities and models have. Do not do a hair style just because Neymar did it, or because you saw it online. In fact, your hair quality, and your hairdresser should decide which hair style you should have.


Signs of aging and how to stop them


Ageing is one of those things that you pray won’t happen but come to recognize as inevitability. That doesn’t mean you can’t take steps to stem the tide. Sure, it’s impossible to stop time, but you can press pause on your skin’s apparent aging. For all of you men, it’s not about looking 20 years younger. It’s about looking healthy and rested and the best version of you.

Here you are some the most obvious signs of ageing and solutions about how you late signs.

Graying Hair

Carmencitta MAgazine - Signs of aging 2Men fear going grey even more than they fear baldness or being overweight. But while dyeing hair might seem like the obvious remedy, for men it’s fraught with difficulty. The solution is using a fine comb to subtly blend color into areas of the hair that have lost their color. That will give you more natural look than applying dye to the whole head.


Carmencitta MAgazine - Signs of aging 3Men’s skin tends to age more slowly than women’s. But once a man hits his forties, and the ageing process really kicks in, the signs can be a lot more noticeable. To late your wrinkles you need to know your skin aging enemies. They are the sun, smoking, stress, sugar and alcohol.

Carmencitta MAgazine - Signs of aging 4Thinning Hair

Beginning from the scalp, gently pull a small hank of hair all the way to the tips of the hair. If more than six hairs come out, you have a thinning problem. The best cut for thinning hair is the classic short back and sides with a bit of texture added to the top.

Age Spots

The little clusters of melanin are a dead giveaway of your age. Numerous products exist to help fade the spots, but they often take months of continued use to reap benefits. This is why prevention is always better than cure. The best prevention is a usual use of a sunscreen and face scrubs.


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