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How to wear a white shirt


The white shirt is the one thing you can find in any man’s closet. This timely classical piece of clothing can be styled and matched with almost any other piece that you choose, it all depends on the way you do it. Moreover, a white shirt can make you look like a waiter who has just finished his shift, or like a well-dressed, stylish gentleman. We have gathered for you today, some tips and tricks on how to wear a white shirt.

The Formal Look



The formal look is the one when you wear a suit, or just its pants, and you pair it with a white shirt. If you want the look to be more formal, add a tie and a pair of formal shoes. However, if you want it to be less formal, roll over your sleeves and only wear the pants without the blazer and the tie. In fact, this style is suitable for business men.

The summer parties and weddings look

Carmencitta Magazine - how to wear a white shirt 3


In case you are invited to a wedding or a formal party, pair your white shirt with an off white suit. Moreover, to contrast the color, add a grey tie and a pair of white converse (only for parties). In addition, the white shirt can be long sleeved or short sleeved in case you felt hot.

The traveling look for summer



If you are planning to go spend your summer holiday on the beach, a white short sleeved shirt can be paired with navy blue shorts and a pair of sporty shoes such as converse or running shoes. Try to keep it simple! In addition, when you are on the beach, a white shirt is always a good idea especially if your swimsuit has a lot of prints and colors on it.

A tour around the best men’s winter coats ideas for this season

It’s time to improve your outfit and looks. This should be your new year’s resolution.

As the summer wardrobe frays, it’s time to get boots and heavy men’s winter coats

Gentlemen, I must say that if you spend wisely and know how to choose the best coats among the men’s winter coats collection, the winter’s biggest budget buster will come with more pitfalls than most.

For wet and mild winters, mid-weight wool is warm and allows air to circulate when you get sweaty.

But how to make the most of your maths? Wool costs significantly more than cotton. But that doesn’t mean a cotton coat is less well made than a wool one.

Let’s start with the first coat in our proposed men’s winter coats collection which is the pea coat; you may never wear one on deck, but the best are still storm-ready, built from heavy duty wool and feature an oversized collar to turn up against sea spray.

The pea coat works with tailoring, but for weekends (or work days) stay simple with a cable knit roll neck and heavy boots.

The trench coat is an essential in the men’s winter coats guide; it is a water-resistant alternative to the heavy wool greatcoat. A trench coat is often the best option for versatility in winter. One with taped seams will keep you dry and last you for years.

The down coat is also a great idea; try to buy explorer-approved elements; you’ll appreciate a weatherproof hood, taped seams and heavy duty zips. Try it with a grey sweatshirt, selvedge denim and hiking boots. A down coat will sit over your suit so long as its cut is slim.

Moving on the overcoat among the men’s winter coats collection; once super-formal, the overcoat now works with a hoodie and joggers as much as a suit. It has barely changed in three centuries, so this season’s purchase will look just as good the next. Try to pick a neutral colour and it can be slung over almost anything in your wardrobe.


When looking for a good winter coat, quality is key guys!


How to Wear a Blazer

A blazer is one of the must haves in every man’s closet. In fact, if you know the proper ways to style it, a blazer can be wearable for every occasion you could ever imagine, as well as for every season of the year. Moreover, a blazer can sometimes cost you a big amount of money. However, this makes it a better reason for you to wear it on more occasions. It is appropriate to be worn on weekends, office days, weddings, as jacket, and many more. Here are some tips on how to wear a blazer.

Carmencitta Magazine - How to Wear a Blazer 2With a T-shirt and a pair of jeans

Are you tired of ties and collared shirt? They are not the only thing to wear a blazer with. Moreover you can get rid of them, keep the blazer, and wear a t-shirt underneath. However, you should stick to a neutral color with no prints such as black, white or navy. Additionally, pick a shirt that has a rounded neck so that you feel more comfortable. In addition, try to find a shirt that is slim fit so that you avoid bulkiness. Add a nice pair of jeans and you are good to go!

Carmencitta Magazine - How to Wear a Blazer 3jpgRoll Neck & Wool Trousers

In fact, if you want to wear a blazer in winter, you can easily do it by paring it with a knit, the roll neck. Just like the t-shirt, the roll neck keeps you from wearing a tie. In fact, to make the look more comfortable and good to look at, keep the roll neck shirt neutral and let the texture do the talking. As for the pants, if it is autumn, you can go for a lighter color. However, if it is raining outside, go for trousers who have a darker color and a thicker fabric.


How to wear a blue suit

Carmencitta Magazine - How to wear a blue suit

For the years 2016 and 2017, blue is considered the new black when it comes to men fashion and suits. This fact has made men find it difficult to decide what to wear with a blue suit, and how to style it. In the matter of fact, this is actually true; it is hard to dress up in a color especially blue. However, there are some fashion rules in addition to tips that you can follow when you decide to experiment with the color and go for a trendy look.

 What to look for when buying a blue suit

First things first! In order to wear a blue suit, you should first buy one that should be compatible with all the following criteria:

Carmencitta Magazine - How to wear a blue suit 1Stay away from baby blue and electric blue. Opt for a navy or dark blue

Choose one that has a good quality; this way you can wear it more than once

Choose a suit that can be separated (each piece worn alone); this way you can wear it to multiple occasions

If it is summer, go for cotton and linen fabric. However, in winter, wool and cashmere are more appropriate

Choose a blue color that can go just fine with navy and black. This way, you can use shoes that you already have and pair them with your new suit.

The most important thing you should look for, is a classic suit that can be used for multiple years.

Carmencitta Magazine - How to wear a blue suit 2

Simple rules that should be followed

First thing to do, when it comes to the shirt, stick to a lighter shade of blue or pink, or the most conventional one; crisp white. In addition, when picking the right tie; we advise you to go with black or navy blue; those two colors both go very well with a blue suit. In addition, both black and brown shoes can be worn with a blue suit.



How to wear a wide leg trouser

Carmencitta Magazine - How to wear a wide leg trouser 1

The wide leg is now an emerging trend in men’s. Men are looking for the comfier outfits, quality fabrics, and tapered ankle. Wide leg trousers are available in wool, cotton and technical fabrics. Moreover, with button-up, elastic or rushed waists. In fact, today the relaxed trouser shape has become friends with the other comfort-driven changes in menswear: soft-shouldered suiting and longer, roomier outerwear. Who said that fashion has to be pain? Keep on reading this article, as we have found the right ways to wear a wide leg trouser.

Carmencitta Magazine - How to wear a wide leg trouser 2Fabric

Just like regular and slim fit, wide leg trousers come in typical, previously known, pant fabrics. These fabrics vary from fine to thick depending on the season and occasion they are worn in. In fact, trousers with wide legs need structure. As a tip, you should buy one that has wool as fabric; wool garbadine is a great quality. This quality gives the trouser the weight it needs. In addition, you can wash it in the washing machine and wear it the next day. Moreover, wool is perfect for both summer and winter.

Carmencitta Magazine - How to wear a wide leg trouser 3Color

In fact, wide leg trousers are better if bought in darker colors such as grey, black, camel, and black. Moreover, patterns add a step-up for the wide leg trouser such as: polka dots, checks, and pinstripes.


The fit depends on the formality of the trouser. In fact, most of them will sit slightly higher on the waist. Moreover, front pleats are another stylistic choice; they come as flat front or a single pleat, and the choice depends on your taste.

Carmencitta Magazine - How to wear a wide leg trouser 4Wear it perfectly

In order to wear those trousers in a perfect way, add a blazer or a waist jacket, a low profile pair of shoes, and use a trouser that is cropped. This is today, one of the most worn outfit for men who are into fashion.


3 Unchangeable Men Fashion Rules

Carmencitta Magazine - 3 unchnagebale men fashion rules

We have encountered many style rules that only lasted for months, and some of them for weeks. They only come as a trend, and then evaporate when the trend washes out. However, decades ago until now, there are some fashion rules that have started and not only stayed strong, but showed persistence and durability. In this articles, we have gathered, for you men, the top 3 unchangeable fashion rules that still have decades to stay as they were, and as they are today.

Carmencitta-Magazine-3-unchnagebale-men-fashion-rules.Rule Number 1: Do Not, Ever, Fully Button Your Blazer

Even if the blazer comes with two buttons instead of one, only button up the upper one. Keep in mind that, the bottom button of any blazer is just a lie. Moreover, modern blazers are designed to slimmer your waist, and to make you look like you have a great silhouette. However, when you button up the whole blazer, your silhouette is lost, and the fabric clusters.

Carmencitta-Magazine-3-unchnagebale-men-fashion-rules-2Rule Number 2: The More You Wash, The Quicker the Outfits Wear Out

Relax! You do not have to wash every single piece of clothing right after you wear it, except for underwear; of course! Regularly washing your clothes will wear them out. Every piece, if not stained by something, can be worn for about three times before you wash it.

Rule Number 3: Not All Shirts Can Be Tucked In

Tucking in any short, will not make you immediately look smarter. There are some kinds of shirts that cannot be tucked in. it all depends on the type. In fact, Dress shirts and tailed shirts are made to be tuckedin because they are made to be formally worn. However, cotton shirts, and short shirts, are not made to be tucked in, tuck them in and you will keep your hands in your trousers for the whole day.


Top 5 Dress Boots for Men

Of all the types of footwear, dress boots are the favorite category for many men. They are equal parts dressy and rugged, making them a versatile choice to enhance just about any look, under just about any condition.

Here is a quick recap of 5 favorite styles of dress boots, along with some recommendations for good affordable options. If you have been thinking about a new footwear investment, any one of these styles will be among the most versatile pairs in your rotation, and because so few guys have good dress boots, you’re sure to get plenty of compliments on them.


The Chelsea is sort of like the loafer of boots. It is an easy slip-on style with an elastic ankle for comfort and flexibility. Look for a pair that has a sharp chiseled toe box similar to that of a bench made pair of oxfords. Avoid anything overly round, chunky or “outdoorsy”. Instead, keep them sharp and lean, and wear them with everything from slim suits to stacked denim.


Desert Boots with crepe soles are very popular, but they will always look clearly casual. Again, avoid bulky soles, clunky toes, anything with unnecessary stitching lines, contrast laces or soles, logos, straps, buckles, etc. Keep them clean and mean for greatest versatility.


It is hard to fail with a classic captoe lace-up boot, specifically in a deep oxblood. As with all versatile footwear, keep them simple, neutral and streamlined and you will be wearing them over and over again, no matter the weather or occasion.


The Jodhpur is a sexy boot. The ankle strap offers it some attitude, but its simplicity makes it very easy to wear. These are perfect for a night out but work just as well for a day at the office.


Wingtip brogue has proven the staying power time and time again. It’s a boot that works just as well with suit trousers as it does with jeans, and they will only get better with age.

Who wouldn’t love seeing a man wearing winter scarves ?

Eyes Only

No wearing winter scarves isn’t difficult, and yes they are manly!

Many men feel that wearing of a scarf is somehow effeminate, but the purpose of this article is to show you guys how stylish it can be to wear a winter scarf.

Scarves have been an essential piece in men’s wardrobes for more than 2000 years, with the world’s militaries using them as rank insignia and unit designators.

Winter scarves can add a solid element of style, especially when they introduce color to a plain outfit. You can wear a brightly colored piece of cashmere that brightens up a banker’s charcoal overcoat for example. However, wearing a light-weight scarf indoors in lieu of a necktie can add a personal style and touch of the man.

There are a lot of types of winter scarves out there but let’s stay simple. You want your scarves to be rectangle and be made from a material that suits your needs, so you can choose:

The Red Tartan Scarf, which is a holiday type of winter scarves, so it gives the impression of Christmas without being hideous. Don’t worry, it works all winter long, because red and black go with almost everything.

The Cashmere Scarf which is an instant luxury for your neck.

The Polka Dot Scarf: Those dots are a traditional motif for neckwear, so go for it!

The Wool-Silk Scarf: If you want to look elegant, choose the wool-silk blend.

The Argyle Scarf: Hey, what about exploring argyle. It’s traditional, and crazy enough to catch some eyes.

The Oversized Scarf: It adds an interesting volume to your winter look.

The Striped Scarf: Horizontal stripes bring a sporty look to your winter scarf.

The Silk Scarf: this scarf is surprisingly warm and truly elegant, and you don’t even need a tie with it.

Keep it simple – only make tie knots you are comfortable wearing. Confidence is everything.

Write down those men’s fashion basics tips!

It can be really hard for men to really know and choose what colors and designs that suit them the best.

Let’s start with some men’s fashion basics tips:

When it comes suits: the jacket should be slim and cover your bottom. The trousers should not be skinny.

Now, note this very important tip among the men’s fashion basics tips: you have to opt for something in a solid navy or grey and then expand from there – burgundy, olive or even khaki. Black is not suitable for business or the day but it’s modern in the evening.

Moving on with some more men’s fashion basics tips concerning blazers/sport coats: it is the same fit as a suit jacket but you have to cut a little shorter in length.

Regarding the waistcoat, if you really want to wear it for a business meeting then look for 100% wool versions and choose neutral colors.
As for the tuxedo, note this useful tip among men’s fashion basics tips: Make sure the fit is razor sharp and go for one in a black wool or cotton with a grosgrain lapel and matching bow tie.

If you’re going to wear coats over a suit jacket you have to make sure there is a bit of extra room in the shoulders. Opt for a snug fit and length that ends a couple of inches above your knees.

What about formal shoes? Every man should own in his closet a pair of black cap toe shoes, a pair of brown Oxfords, burgundy penny loafers and tan brogues.

Hats, Scarves, Gloves – again, this comes as a very useful tip among men’s fashion basics tips seeing that it is a personal preference: if you tend to wear a lot of color in your everyday apparel then opt for neutral colored pieces to help anchor your look. However, if you are a more neutral person already then use these accessories to add some style to your wardrobe.


Finally, don’t forget to wear whatever outfit you choose with confidence – the key to pulling off even the most unusual look.


How to Fold your Sleeves

Whether you are washing your hands, feeling hot, or you just want to feel stylish, you often need to roll your sleeves. There are different styles of rolled sleeves.
We bring you here some tips on how to fold them properly.

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