Who wouldn’t love seeing a man wearing winter scarves ?

Eyes Only

No wearing winter scarves isn’t difficult, and yes they are manly!

Many men feel that wearing of a scarf is somehow effeminate, but the purpose of this article is to show you guys how stylish it can be to wear a winter scarf.

Scarves have been an essential piece in men’s wardrobes for more than 2000 years, with the world’s militaries using them as rank insignia and unit designators.

Winter scarves can add a solid element of style, especially when they introduce color to a plain outfit. You can wear a brightly colored piece of cashmere that brightens up a banker’s charcoal overcoat for example. However, wearing a light-weight scarf indoors in lieu of a necktie can add a personal style and touch of the man.

There are a lot of types of winter scarves out there but let’s stay simple. You want your scarves to be rectangle and be made from a material that suits your needs, so you can choose:

The Red Tartan Scarf, which is a holiday type of winter scarves, so it gives the impression of Christmas without being hideous. Don’t worry, it works all winter long, because red and black go with almost everything.

The Cashmere Scarf which is an instant luxury for your neck.

The Polka Dot Scarf: Those dots are a traditional motif for neckwear, so go for it!

The Wool-Silk Scarf: If you want to look elegant, choose the wool-silk blend.

The Argyle Scarf: Hey, what about exploring argyle. It’s traditional, and crazy enough to catch some eyes.

The Oversized Scarf: It adds an interesting volume to your winter look.

The Striped Scarf: Horizontal stripes bring a sporty look to your winter scarf.

The Silk Scarf: this scarf is surprisingly warm and truly elegant, and you don’t even need a tie with it.

Keep it simple – only make tie knots you are comfortable wearing. Confidence is everything.

Reasons Why Men Have Mustache

Mustache and beard normally begin to grow in males during their initial puberty period, and develops in the puberty stage that is between 11 and 21 years of age. Depending on genetic conditions and environment, the process of facial hair growth may vary in individuals. Male facial hair growth is triggered by testosterone, a strong androgenic hormone produced by the testes. The amount of testosterone hormone in a man’s body is responsible for quality of facial hair, normally more testosterone hormone means more facial hair in a man.
Today growing mustache, or beard for that matter, is a personal taste; however, a wide range of customs and religious beliefs, across cultures and countries, have been associated with facial hair since ancient time.

Biography: Donatella Versace

Early Life

Born on May 2, 1955, in Reggio Calabria, Italy, designer Donatella Versace is one of best known names in fashion today. She is the sister of the late designer Gianni Versace. Donatella and Gianni learned about designing from their mother, who had a dressmaking business.

Versace began developing her trademark look as a teenager. Moreover, Donatella attended university in Florence for a time. However, she eventually reunited with Gianni to support his clothing business.

Fashion Muse

Gianni Versace started his own fashion company in Milan in 1978. Together with Donatella, who was right there by his side.  she played an important role in orchestrating many Versace fashion shows. She also helped bring some rock ‘n’ roll spirit and celebrity cache to the line through her friendships with Madonna and Elizabeth Hurley.

Also, she was chief designer for the company’s Versus line. She learned even more about the business in the mid-1990s. Gianni lost his life in 1997. Donatella was devastated by the death of her brother.

Top Designer

Days after Gianni Versace’s death, Donatella became Versace’s new creative director. In fact, she had already taken a leading role in the business.

In 2009, she brought in Christopher Kane to design for Versus and reinvent the brand. After his departure, Versace collaborated with other upcoming designers on the line. She also revamped the company’s haute couture line Atelier Versace. Today, Versace markets a variety of product lines from home goods, to perfume, clothing, and furniture. in addition to that, the company operates two hotels.\

 Personal Life

Versace married former model Paul Beck in 1986. They had two children together, Allegra and Daniel.
Maya Rudolph often impersonates her on the show ‘Saturday Night Live’.
‘The Devil Wears Prada’ Lauren Weisberger novel that featured Donatella. And the song ‘Gulabi Ankhein’ mentioned her in 2012.

Fur Hats

Head wear accessories are one of the most significant things that spice up any look. For some find it cool to experiment with head wear.

Fur hats are the trend for this winter season. They give a luxurious and feminine look, are comfy, and keep you warm. 
Note,  that if you chose to wear fur hats you need to wear accessories, impressive pieces of jewelry like big pair of earrings.

Make sure to chose the hat that suits your style.



How to Fold your Sleeves

Whether you are washing your hands, feeling hot, or you just want to feel stylish, you often need to roll your sleeves. There are different styles of rolled sleeves.
We bring you here some tips on how to fold them properly.

Tricks for Trimming Your Beard or Mustache

Confidence and masculinity. Portrait of handsome young bearded man looking at camera while standing against grey background
Facial hair doesn’t appear out of nowhere. It’s cultivated and directed into place.
Follow this tutorial to learn the proper technique.

What to Wear on Your First Date

Seducing beautiful woman looking at her lover with wine glass. Having romantic talk
Well, a first date is usually considered very confusing when it comes to what to wear.
Just remember ‘Do your best, but don’t overdo it’.
Look 1-  The Classy Simple Look
Go with a pair of nice denim, a white shirt and a blazer of your choice. Avoid heels that are too high.
Look 2- The Cute Flared Look
Match a flared skirt with a sexy crop top. Have solid colors as a top and patterns in the bottom. You can go heels or no heels.
Look 3- The Hipster Converse Look
You can go wearing a long skirt with a high slit. Converse is a nice addition to this style.
Look 4- The Denim Shorts Look
You can never go wrong with a pair of denim shorts. Especially that they are so in style. Match them with an over sized shirt and flat or heeled boots. 

Write down those men’s fashion basics tips!

It can be really hard for men to really know and choose what colors and designs that suit them the best.

Let’s start with some men’s fashion basics tips:

When it comes suits: the jacket should be slim and cover your bottom. The trousers should not be skinny.

Now, note this very important tip among the men’s fashion basics tips: you have to opt for something in a solid navy or grey and then expand from there – burgundy, olive or even khaki. Black is not suitable for business or the day but it’s modern in the evening.

Moving on with some more men’s fashion basics tips concerning blazers/sport coats: it is the same fit as a suit jacket but you have to cut a little shorter in length.

Regarding the waistcoat, if you really want to wear it for a business meeting then look for 100% wool versions and choose neutral colors.
As for the tuxedo, note this useful tip among men’s fashion basics tips: Make sure the fit is razor sharp and go for one in a black wool or cotton with a grosgrain lapel and matching bow tie.

If you’re going to wear coats over a suit jacket you have to make sure there is a bit of extra room in the shoulders. Opt for a snug fit and length that ends a couple of inches above your knees.

What about formal shoes? Every man should own in his closet a pair of black cap toe shoes, a pair of brown Oxfords, burgundy penny loafers and tan brogues.

Hats, Scarves, Gloves – again, this comes as a very useful tip among men’s fashion basics tips seeing that it is a personal preference: if you tend to wear a lot of color in your everyday apparel then opt for neutral colored pieces to help anchor your look. However, if you are a more neutral person already then use these accessories to add some style to your wardrobe.


Finally, don’t forget to wear whatever outfit you choose with confidence – the key to pulling off even the most unusual look.


How To Go About Your Daily Grooming Routine

Here is how to go about your daily grooming routine:
1- Cleanse: Cleansing removes dead skin cells from pores. Wash your face with lukewarm water. Don’t use soap and cold water.
2- Tone: Toners effectively seal pores and mop up any excess grease, especially suitable for guys with oily skin. Use alcohol-free formula as anything too harsh will strip the skin’s natural barrier.
3- Moisturize: After cleansing and toning comes rehydration. Moisturizers have an immediate impact on the way skin looks and feels as they help the skin’s barrier retain water.

4- Eyes: Applying an eye product mornings and evenings is very important as eye skin is very thin. You need to protect it from climate changes, allergies and pollution. Apply a small amount to your finger and press the product across the bony ridge just above the eye socket, moving from the inside out in one smooth stroke. Then go across the bone beneath the eye.
5- Shave: The perfect shave depends on the right technique coupled with the right tools. Invest in a real badger hair brush as it has the unique ability to absorb hot water, which creates the most luxurious lather. It also gently exfoliates the skin before you shave. After steaming your face with a hot towel, apply the shaving cream with the badger brush using large circular motions. Shave at a 45- degree angle while following the grain and avoid any jagged or overlapping strokes.
6- Scent: Too much perfume is as bad as little. Avoid applying any cologne to the areas that you have just shaved as the alcohol content will increase irritation. Apply to the wrists or the back of the neck instead. If you have sensitive skin and react badly to cologne, simply spray your clothes.


Giorgio Armani

Childhood & Early Life

Giorgio Armani was born on July 11, 1934 in the Italian town of Piacenza. His father was a shipping manager and he grew up in a humble background.

After high school, he enrolled in the Department of Medicine at the University of Milan, but left after three years to join the army in 1953.


He found a job as a window dresser in a departmental store. After that, as a salesman in the menswear department, so he learned about fashion designing and marketing. He joined the Nino Cerutti company in the mid-1960’s as a designer for menswear. At the same time, he also sent his designs to various other garments manufacturers.

During the late 1960’s he met Sergio Galeotti, who inspired him to open his own office in 1973.
All through the early 1970’s, Armani freelanced for a number of better known fashion houses like Allegri, Hilton, Gibo, etc.
His success let him create his own label. Along with Galeotti, he formed the Giorgio Armani S.p.A in Milan in 1975. He presented a range of ready-to-wear collection for both men and women in1976.
In 1979, he founded the Giorgio Armani Corporation. He introduced several product lines under his Giorgio Armani brand: Le Collezioni, Underwear and Swimwear, and accessories.
In the 1980’s, the company introduced Armani Junior, Armani Jeans, and Emporio Armani lines.
Armani also developed a close relationship with Hollywood over time by designing costumes for over 100 films.

Major Works

His first biggest achievement was the founding of his company Giorgio Armani.
He opened the U.S branch, Giorgio Armani Corporation in New York.
He also found great success as a fashion designer for movie stars.

Awards & Achievements

The Neiman Marcus Award in 1979.
The Geoffrey Beene Lifetime Achievement Award from Council of Fashion Designers of America (CFDA) in 1987.

Personal Life & Legacy

Armani was so busy with his career that he did not have time for women. He is very close to his siblings and their children.

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