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“Made By Google” Event’s announcements

Carmencitta Magazine - “Made By Google” Event’s announcements4

At an event called “Made By Google”, that the company held last month, the have made some announcements about their new designs. Moreover, the company had revealed that its intentions were to become a full-fledged, vertically integrated tech company. Moreover, people are too excited for these announcements and inventions that include a mobile phone, a smart speaker, as well as a VR headset. In case you are interested, keep on reading as we have assembled the highlights of the announcements at the “Made By Google” event.


Carmencitta Magazine - “Made By Google” Event’s announcements 1Google Wifi is a new section in the world of connected systems. Moreover, this invention replaces your router and gives you a better coverage all over your house. Furthermore, this system has some cool features like a remote control, as well as it allows you to choose any device that you want to block from the network, which makes it great when it comes to dealing with kids who need a time out. In fact, this product is selling in a great speed, as it allows you to just plug it anywhere, and widen your connection area.


Carmencitta Magazine - “Made By Google” Event’s announcements 2This is a great device for all the modern home owners. In fact, with just a simple voice request by the owner, the device automatically podcasts, plays music, plays the radio, Pandora, as well as other similar services. In addition, Google Home can answer your questions thanks to its great search capabilities, it can as well set alarms and timers, give you flight information, and provide you with traffic updates.


Carmencitta Magazine - “Made By Google” Event’s announcements3This is Google’s latest escape from reality into the virtual world. The Daydream View headset looks simpler, friendlier, as well as more accessible, and more stylish. Moreover, the device is made of flexible, and breathable microfiber that fits right in with the athleisure trend, and comes in three colors.


A Robot Designed to Help Autistic Children



All over the world, people, and especially parent, are always on the search for answers to autism. Moreover, the most questions asked about autism are: what is reason for it? And how to deal with an autistic child? In fact, medicine has failed to give clear answers, and science is on a constant search on how to help individuals with autism, as well as their parents, to deal with such a situation. This is why, researchers at Spain’s Universidad

Carmencitta Magazine - Robot designed to help Autism children

Miguel Hernández and the Spanish Aisoy Robotics company, teamed up to investigate how a robot called “Aisoy1 V5” may be able to help in enhancing the effectiveness of the therapy sessions.

It looks like a toy



“Aisoy1’s” appearance is very similar to the appearance of a toy, which children are liking. In fact, creators hope that on the long run, kids will build an emotional attachment with “Aisoy1”. Moreover, scientists are hoping that this educational instrument will, hopefully, over time, assist in therapeutic purposes.

Autism Studies


 “We already have an Emotional OS, called Airos, which includes an emotional engine, a cognitive engine, and a decision engine. It has an application level for building user apps we call Bot-apps. Clinica Universitaria UMH and Aisoy [are working] together for designing and building Bot-apps which use Airos’ capabilities [as well as the] Aisoy1 robot, adapted to children with autism,” said José Manuel del Río, the CEO of Aisoy. He added that scientists did not dive into an in-depth studies when it comes to why those robots are so suitable for the case. However, he implied that the effectiveness more than likely lies in the “expressivity of the face” ofAisoy1, which makes it much easier for the kids to “understand and communicate with.”

Future Applications for Robots



In the future, scientists hope that this invention will lead to others that are able to help with different disorders such as ADD, Hyperactivity, impulsivity issues, and much more that hit children at a young age.

A robot that helps disabled people feed themselves

Carmencitta Magazine - RObot helping disabled people

Disabled people can get too frustrated when they are not able to feed themselves. Not only do they feel like they are taking someone’s time to feed them, but they like to experience the feeling of being independent. This is why, some scientists have come together, and invented “Obi”, a robot that helps disabled people feeding themselves. Keep on reading if you want to know more about this truly great invention.

Meet Obi


Obi is a dining robot that provides people with the ability to control their meals, and how they are eaten. Moreover, Obi is a robotic arm that includes a spoon used in order to scoop food from a bowl. It has 4 bowls, you choose the one you need, and the robot transfers food from it to the mouth.

However, Obi is not completely auto functioning. In fact, you need to make it adapt to the mouth and to the bowl. Moreover, you will find two buttons that will help you make it work. The first one, a green “choose” button that allows you to move the spoon to the specific bowl you’d like to eat from. The second one, is a blue “delivery” button that orders the robot to scoop the food in the spoon and deliver it to your mouth. Additionally, you have to teach Obi where your mouth is located so that it knows the direction your food must be delivered to.

Carmencitta Magazine - RObot helping disabled people 1

Price and Specs

In fact, Obi batteries that are rechargeable. The last for an interval of 2 to 4 hours, it depends on how much time it is used for. Moreover, this robotic arm costs about $4,500. Moreover, the price may not be cheap, but it can help someone you love finally enjoy his or her freedom and independence. When you pay the $4,500, you will get the robot itself, one plate and placemat, two magnetically attaching spoons (small and large), and a charging cable.

The Mysterious Stone Spheres of Costa Rica


As long as 16 centuries ago, the natives of southwestern Costa Rica, made a variety of 300 solid stone spheres, some as small as 10 cm in diameter and others up to 2.4 m. They are so perfectly formed that one is bound to wonder, ‘How were they made? What purpose did they serve?’


Stone spheres have been found in several other countries, including Chile, Mexico, and the United States. But Costa Rica’s granite spheres are unique. Their quality is superb, some being perfect spheres with smooth surfaces. They have often been found in groups of 20 or more. Of special interest is the fact that many of them are found aligned in geometric patterns, such as triangles, rectangles, and straight lines. These alignments often point to the earth’s magnetic north.

How were they made? This is a mystery. Some mechanical procedure seems to have been necessary in order to achieve such precision. Judging by the many statues of that period, we know that the sphere makers were skillful sculptors. In addition, gold artifacts dating from as early as 800 C.E. give evidence that they were experienced in working with high temperatures. One theory is that the sculpting of the orbs could have involved the use of high temperatures followed by cooling, to remove outer layers of rock. The work could have been finished by polishing the spheres with sand or leather.

Most of these spheres are made of granite-like rock. The nearest known granite quarry was up in the mountains about 40 to 50 km from the Diquis River Delta. How did the sculptors move such heavy stones? If the spheres were carved at the quarry, the sculptors would have had to control their descent carefully. Can you imagine the challenge of moving something so heavy across such distances without modern equipment? Exactly how heavy are the spheres? Some weigh over 16 tons!







If the granite was quarried and moved before it was sculpted, the 2.7 m cube that would be needed for a ball 2.4 m in diameter would weigh over 24 tons! Likely, to create a wide, smooth road to make transport possible, the natives would have had to cut through dense jungle. No small feat! Other spheres were made of coquina, a material much like limestone, which can be found on beaches near the mouth of the Diquis River. This may indicate that the stone was rafted about 50 km upstream. Some spheres have been found on Caño Island, about 20 km off the Pacific coast.

No one can explain with certainty the original purpose of these spheres. They could have been a mark of rank or importance for a tribal chief or a village. It is also possible that they were religious or ceremonial symbols. Future archaeological studies may someday reveal the mystery of the stone spheres of Costa Rica.

What is The Secret Behind Opening the Airplane Window Curtains During Takeoffs and Landings?

Carmencitta Magazine - What is The Secret Behind Opening the Airplane Window Curtains During Takeoffs and Landings

The British newspaper “The Independent” has reported that the fact of opening the Airplane window curtains in the process of aircraft takeoffs and landings may seem simple and nonsense to some of the passengers, despite their constant traveling. Some may believe that this process is done in order to prepare the passengers for landing or taking-off, while others believe that its meant to let passengers enjoy the last moments of the arrival or departure of the flight.


However, the security experts at airports have made it clear that the process falls in security and public safety of flights framework.
A public safety officer has pointed out that keeping the airplane window curtains open allows emergency personnel to see the outside of the plane cabin to assess the security situation for the trip, saying that passengers may reach our crew for a security glitch that could happen while taking-off or landing. The officer added that the crew has only ninety seconds to evacuate the aircraft in case sudden emergencies happened. Therefore, the crew asks passengers to open the windows so it may watch the atmosphere out of the plane in case of a disruption in the communication with the security team. Therefore, security forces shall give certain signals to the crew in order to determine the evacuation of the aircraft by selecting the most safety doors to save the passengers trying to avoid any potential danger.

According to an expert in the aircraft industry, Mr. David Robinson, visual ability of the person whose eyes got adapted to dim light once facing an accident, are way better than those of a person who got exposed to sudden catastrophic accident when being sitting in a dark place. A person, who is in the light, even if the light is dimmed, can have a lot of conscious, especially as he only has ninety seconds to get out of the plane and save his life.

We may also mention that the windows of the aircraft in 1953 where in a square shape, and then turned into oval shapes after some experts in aviation accidents have discovered that the windows were the direct cause of the fall of one of the planes. As a matter of fact, the square shaped windows contain four corners, and thus four possible weaknesses, that can fade and disintegrate when exposed to pressure which increases the risk of catastrophic plane accidents.


Invention of the day: Head Massager

Invention of the day: Head Massager

Invention of the day: Head MassagerEvery day, we encounter new and weird inventions that get us into thinking of what they were made for. Today we are going to tell you about the Vi- Band. In fact, this is a headband that was made in order to be worn on the head to massage it. It is a hands-free head massager that vibrates over your temples and forehead, built into a simple headband.

When is it convenient to be used?


Invention of the day: Head MassagerThe best time this headband can be used is after a long and tiring day at work, school or university. Moreover, a long day can have bad consequences like a very bad headache. As a result, you will want someone to rub your temples, however, there is nobody around to do that, and your hands are too tired to do it for yourself. In fact, you do not need someone to do it for you, nor you need yourself, because there’s a group of engineers out there who already took care of that for you.

What is it made of?

Invention of the day: Head MassagerIn the matter of fact, the Vi-Band is a neoprene band that has brushless vibration motors that are built into it in an exact location over your head’s pressure points, which allows you to get a massage without begging anyone to do it for you. Moreover, it has an integrated printed circuit board that lets you select massage modes depending on your needs. This headband has a battery that can be recharged via micro USB.

Who made it, and how much it costs

Invention of the day: Head MassagerIn fact, the Vi-Band portable was made by Mind Rocket, Joe, Matt, Ryan and Tucker who are actually a team of rocket scientists with a serious sense of humor. Matt and Ryan are twins. Moreover, the company has made it affordable and rechargeable, because relaxation should not be an exclusive domain for rich people, and rechargeable because “Your head’s comfort shouldn’t depend on a pink bunny with an affinity for percussion instruments.” It only costs 30$ to own this invention.


The Fliz Bike; A bicycle with no pedals

Carmencitta Magazine - Fliz Bike

Bicycles have been the same from years ago until today. Of course, there are some aspects that have changed such as the materials used, the bike’s design, and the technology used to make it faster. Other than that, bikes remain bikes; a two wheeled vehicles with two pedals that require you to use your legs in order to be transported from a location to another.

Carmencitta Magazine - Fliz Bike 1All the things mentioned above (the bike’s design) started to become boring to engineers and designers. This is why, they tried to change a little bit, but in fact, they changed a lot! Their latest invention that had to do with “bicycles” made the go wild and remove the part that has to do with pedals, and this is where “The Fliz Bike” came from.

Moreover, we cannot know if the changes were done for the better, but we surely can know that they were made for a more entertaining cycling experience.

Carmencitta Magazine - Fliz Bike 2In fact, The Fliz, is a German word that means the whiz or dash, has totally deleted the pedals part or the bicycle, and connected the two wheels by a somewhat bridge that has a thing similar to a life jacket hanging from it where you put your body and buckle up.

In addition, The Fliz works depending on the user’s legs. He or she has to walk, and slowly start running, which makes the wheels spin faster, and in turn, take the person to the desired location.

Furthermore, The Fliz has so many benefits such as, making your body move, providing easy exercise with no probability for him or her to feel hot because, due to its use outside, and its constant movement, the air keeps on cooling his or her body.

Finally, this invention has been subject to criticism, but the thing that should be noted is that it did not come to replace the original bicycle.

The Most Bizarre Inventions Part 2


When it comes to inventions; any person, who is in a big need for something that will benefit him and his daily life, is able to create it if he sets his mind to it. For that reason, we have seen a lot of new and interesting inventions that had not only benefited the people who came up with them, but also all the humanity. However, everything has its limits, and there are some people who went extreme by creating the most bizarre inventions. Keep on reading this fun article and have a laugh with us.

The mood-altering Thync Module

Carmencitta-Magazine-The-Most-Bizarre-Inventions-Part-2.Thync is a device that has settings and buttons that will help you choose the mood you want to be in, and the mental state that you prefer to have. In the press release: “Based upon decades of research from neuroscientists and engineers from Harvard, MIT, Stanford and Arizona State University, Thync’s proprietary technology relies on low levels of pulsed electrical energy to signal specific neural pathways, allowing users to dial up or dial down their stress responses and energy levels.”


Leftover Food Waste Fashion

This item was designed by a team of design students, and they called it fruitleather. Moreover, he team has figured out a way to turn leftover food into vegan leather, and the leather is later turned into cute little tote bags.

3D Printed Bridges

Carmencitta-Magazine-The-Most-Bizarre-Inventions-Part-4A Dutch company that is called MX3D is creating a 3D-printed bridge over an Amsterdam canal. Moreover, they claim that they can “3D print beautiful, functional objects in almost any form that are much larger and more efficiently produced than has been possible until now.”

Carmencitta-Magazine-The-Most-Bizarre-Inventions-Part-3.j3D Printed Grass

A 3D-print-machine that prints soil, water and seeds was created by a group of students. Maja Petek, one of the students credited with developing the project said: “In the project we tried to link art, nature and technology. The base of the project is a CNC machine designed to print a mixture of soil, water and seeds. The results are printed pictures that turn green over time.”


Kepler-186f, ‘Earth’s Cousin’


A newly discovered planet nicknamed “Earth’s cousin”, has been found about 500 light-years away from Earth. The planet, named Kepler-186f, is the first Earth-size alien planet found orbiting within its star’s habitable zone. Only less than 10% larger than Earth, Kepler-186f is the closest planet to Earth in size ever found in its star habitable zone, but its mass, density and composition are not known. What else do you want to know about the new alien planet discovery?

Here are few things to bear in mind about Kepler-186f:


Kepler-186f whiz around its sun once every 130 days and receives one-third the energy that Earth receives from its sun, placing it near the outer edge of the habitable zone. If you can stand on the surface of Kepler-186f, the brightness of its sun at high noon would seem as bright as our sun is nearly an hour before sunset on Earth.

Kepler-186f resides in the Kepler-186 star system about 500 light-years from Earth in the constellation Cygnus. The system is also home to 4 inner planets, Kepler-186b, Kepler-186c, Kepler-186d and Kepler-186e, seen lined up in orbit around a host red dwarf star that’s half the size and mass of the sun.

Kepler-186f is a history-making find

Kepler-186f is the first Earth-size planet found in the habitable zone of its star. This means that the planet, which is only slightly bigger than Earth, is in the part of its star system where liquid water can exist on the planet’s surface.

Astronomers have found other planets orbiting in the habitable zones of their stars, but this is the first time a planet this close in size to Earth has ever been found orbiting within its star’s habitable zone.

Carmencitta Magazine - Kepler 186 f - earth cousin 2

Life could thrive … maybe

Due to Kepler-186’s location in the habitable zone around its star, this planet might be a place where life may thrive. It is possible that the planet has an atmosphere that may help keep water in liquid form on its surface, a prerequisite for life as it’s known on Earth.

Kepler-186f is an “Earth cousin,” not twin

Scientists have described Kepler-186f as a cousin to Earth. The Kepler-186 star is dimmer than the sun, thus the planet might be somewhat similar to Earth in size, but its star isn’t the same as the sun. So, it is an Earth Cousin and not a Twin because it has similar characteristics, but a different parent.


10 Mind-Blowing Facts about Apple Inc.

Carmencitta Magazine - 10 Mind-Blowing Facts about Apple Inc

Apple Inc. has become one of the world’s best corporations. Generating billions of dollars yearly, providing jobs worldwide, introducing astounding new products and technologies, and upending the apple carts of technology, social events, politics, and more. Apple’s achievements cover a lot of areas that it would take days to spotlight. Their rise to power has been an up and down battle of mega proportions, they have had to go up against fierce competitors, government regulations, and over. Nevertheless, when all is said and done, Apple is still a leader in originality and innovation. So let us look at some of the mind-blowing facts about Apple.

Carmencitta Magazine - 10 Mind-Blowing Facts about Apple Inc 2

  1. The name ‘Apple’ came from the founder Steve Jobs’ like of this fruit and named his company after that.
  2. Apple initially had 3 co-founders. The 3rd co-founder, a man named Ronald Wayne, had joined the 2 other co-founders, Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak but he left the company only 12 days after it was founded. Wayne sold his 10% share for only $800 and got an added payout of $1,500. If he stayed with the company, his shares would be today worth around $60 billion!
  3. Apple has a ‘no smoking’ ban concerning their computers. As ridiculous as it sounds, but if you smoke while using an Apple computer, you void the warranty – you have been warned!
  4. Apple employs more people than a good-sized city. It employs above 90,000 people.
  5. Apple is very successful, it has twice the amount of money than the U.S. Treasury.
  6. Apple is very fruitful, that in the first quarter of 2014, it made more money than Google, Facebook, and Amazon combined.
  7. Apple’s first company logo presented a drawing of Sir Isaac Newton, the father of physics.

Carmencitta Magazine - 10 Mind-Blowing Facts about Apple Inc 1

  1. Apple was the first to produce a digital color camera.
  2. Apple Inc. has around $155 billion cash on hand, which could give everyone in the US, $490.00!
  3. If Apple was a country, it would be the world’s 27th biggest country.

Overall, Apple’s history is one of amazement. Now one of the most powerful players in the mobile and computing fields, Apple carries on astonishing the world with its innovative products and services.

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