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Tips For Applying Lipstick


Applying Lipstick seems easy enough that’s right, but do you want to know how to apply lipstick in flawless way? Take a look on these 7 tips to make your lips seemingly perfect. Then let your lips to all the talking!

Carmencitta-MAgazine-tips-to-apply-lipstick2.1- Prime And Preparation

Gently exfoliate your lips with a damp cloth. Then apply some lip balm. Take a good care of your lips, not just for superficial reasons but so they feel good too!

2- Pick A Tube


The next tip on applying lipstick is actually to pick a good lipstick. The look of matte lipsticks might be preferred, but it won’t always look all that great on you. Furthermore, glosses are hated by most women but they actually make you look quite fetching. Also, each lipstick formula has its pros and cons like mattes being long lasting but on the dry side and creamy ones can feel nice on but you might need to reapply often.

3- Get In Line


 Some say it can make you look older while others will say it’s a must to define your lips. Regardless of which lip liner school of thought you follow, applying lip liner can help it last longer!

Carmencitta MAgazine - tips to apply lipstick5

4- Color Inside The Lines


Using a lipstick brush can help you achieve a flawless application and it also helps lipstick to last longer.

5- Be A Blotter

After you apply your lipstick, take a tissue and press it over your lips.

6- Light Up Your Lips


Apply a highlighter or even a creamy concealer or white pencil liner to add some brightness and definition to your face and lips.

7- Avoid Kissing!


Avoid smooching or rubbing your lips together after you apply lipstick.

Lipstick application can be tricky at times because if you do it in a rush you can easily get in on your chin, teeth or some other place lipstick clearly doesn’t belong.

Cake Makeup: How to prevent it

Carmencitta Magazine - How to rpevent cake face 1

We have all been there! A thin layer of foundation or concealer applied, looks like a 100 layers all together! Cake makeup is a very disturbing thing because it makes your face look not so neat and far away from perfection. However, there are some causes and their solutions that we have today on how to prevent cake makeup.

Foundation and Concealer



These two, should never be used in a big quantity! In fact, many of us were never blessed with the smooth, perfect skin that we see on commercials. Which leads us to the over use of foundations and concealers. Well, ladies, this is not the solution! Instead of layering your foundation, use a beauty blender or a brush which help you have full coverage without looking cakey!

Thick Foundation



When your foundation has been in your makeup kit for a long time, it tends to become thicker. First, check its date, if it is more than a year, throw it away; if it is not, and still thick, add a few drops of facial oil so that it becomes thinner.


Carmencitta Magazine - How to rpevent cake face 4


Putting on too much powder on top of your foundation is one of the main factors that cause cake makeup. In fact, girls with oily skin think that too much powder will absorb the oil. As a matter of fact, powder does absorb the oil, but an excess amount will lead to cakey like makeup. The solution to this, is using a “mattifying” primer prior to foundation application. However, if you feel like you should use powder, apply it only on your T-zone but be careful not to apply too much of it.

Dry Skin

Dry skin is why your makeup looks flaky and uneven on your face, which makes it form lumps on the places where dryness occurs the most. The solution for this is, prior to applying foundation, hydrate your skin with a cream or with face oils.

Foundation; do it like a pro


Foundation has come a long way since our mothers used to wear it back in the 60s. Back then, they used to be cakey, mask alike, and obviously visible. However, in our days, it is becoming to look and feel just like a moisturizer. Have you ever wondered why does celebrities always have a perfect looking skin? Or how do they put on their foundation? The answer is with us. Here is how to master your foundation, and how to make it look flawlessly natural.

Step number 1: find the perfect color


A mistake women do frequently when looking for a new foundation is, they test it on their faces. In fact, the product should be tested on your jawline, and if it disappears without you trying to blend it, it means this is the right color for you. Moreover, if you do not want to spend too much money on it, take a sample from the beauty store, and go to the drug store to find the closest match.

Step number 2: prep your skin before application



Always use a moisturizer before applying your foundation. Moreover, experts say that you need to wait five minutes before applying so that the moisturizer can sink in.

Step number 3: apply it the right way


You can either use a sponge or your fingers, it depends on how much coverage you want. If you want a little coverage, use your fingers. However, if you are looking for a lot of coverage, use a sponge.

Step number 4: conceal before foundation


Do not make the mistake of concealing after foundation, because this way your skin will look fake and you will look like a panda but the other way around.

Step number 5: finish with a powder


Do not keep your skin without powder, because powder can make it look Matt and as a result flawless and smooth.

How To Apply False Eye Lashes

Carmencitta MAgazine - How To Apply False Eye Lashes 1

Most women agree that long eyelashes can make any eyes look bigger, more inviting, and fuller. In fact, not all of us have been blessed with lashes that are full, long, and big. This is why, we tend to us our false eyelashes that are the next, and only choice that we have. In fact, if you wear your eye lashes correctly, no one can ever notice! Here are the steps on how to wear and apply false eye lashes.

Size the lashes

Carmencitta MAgazine - How To Apply False Eye Lashes 2jpgPrior to gluing the lashes on your lids, you will need to make sure that they are not too wide for your eyes; this might cause them to look too tacky. All you need to do is: Hold the lash up against your eyelid, see if it is longer than the outside corner of your eye, and trim it so it can fit with your eye. Moreover, If you fin id necessary, you can shorten it on the sides.

N.B: Lashes start short on the inner corner of your eyes, and grow longer when they move towards the outer corner.

Carmencitta MAgazine - How To Apply False Eye Lashes 3Apply the lash glue

The glue should be applied to the outer seam of the eyelash strip. Try to find an applicator or glue that is strong and transparent so that the lashes stay for a longer time. Moreover, you should wait for it to dry a bit before you apply the lash strip.

Place the strip on your eyelid

Carmencitta MAgazine - How To Apply False Eye Lashes 4When placing it, try to position it as close as possible to your natural lashes. After that, when you want to bring the strip down, do it from above and not from the front; this way you will surely get as close as possible to your lash line.

Apply Mascara

Mascara is usually used with falsies to make the hairs blend together. In fact, applying mascara after the glue, will make your eyelashes look as natural as possible.


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