Hair Oils And Their Benefits

The best feature in a woman is definitely her hair. Most women go from hairdresser to another trying to get the perfect healthy hair, forgetting that they can do it at home using nature’s products instead of harsh chemicals that do nothing to their hair except for damaging it. Here, our readers, is a list of oils that are hair appropriate, natural, and greatly beneficial to your hair.

Coconut Oil

Carmencitta-Magazine-Hair-oil-1.Coconut oil is not only great for tanning, it is also great for your hair. In fact, vitamin E is the most present beneficial factor In coconut oil, in addition to many other nutrients. Moreover, hair can absorb almost every nutrient that is put on it. After putting it on your hair, the result will be hair that is obviously thicker, shines better, healthier and has stronger roots.

Argan Oil

Carmencitta Magazine - Hair oil2This one is considered the most expensive when it comes to hair products. However, ask anyone who uses it, and they will tell you that buying it is worth every single penny. In the matter of fact, argan oil has lots of vitamin E, Omega 3 and 9 fatty acids, and antioxidants in it. All of the mentioned nutrients are great for damaged and extremely dry hair.

Extra-Virgin Olive Oil

Carmencitta Magazine - Hair oilve oil 3No, this is not only used for cooking and salads. In fact, this is the most beneficial oil for your hair. By using extra virgin olive oil, you will witness a stronger, hydrated hair, in addition to faster growth and less thinning.

Carmencitta Magazine - Hair oil 5How To Use Them

When it comes to masking your hair with oil masks, this is not a once in a life or in a month thing. Some people sleep while putting these masks. However, we advise you to choose one, stick to it, and sink your hair in two to three times a week, for 1 to 2 hours before your shower.

Temporary Dyes Usage Guide

Carmencitta magazine - Temporary Dyes Usage Guide 1

Us women, like to always change in our look. In fact, hair is the most changeable thing due to its ease. This is why, we sometimes cut it, and other times dye it. Temporary dyes are a truly lifesaving invention, they help you have the color you want without damaging your hair. This is an informative article about temporary hair dyes. How to use them, what is their concept, and many more things.

How they work

Carmencitta magazine - Temporary Dyes Usage Guide 2Temporary hair dyes are known to be a semi-permanent color. Which means, it only lays on your hair on the outside without getting inside of it. Moreover, no chemicals are used in this type of dyes which makes it the less harming type and the simplest way of coloring your hair. However, you should always consider the color blending. For example, red temporary dye will look red on white hair, but orange on yellow or blonde hair.

Maintenance Method

Carmencitta magazine - Temporary Dyes Usage Guide 3Due to the fact that this dye does not penetrate inside the hair, the color could fade fast and easy. As a result, if you want to maintain it, you should frequently use temporary dyes, and keep yourself form always washing your hair. Moreover, invest your money on some good quality dry shampoos to keep the hair from becoming oily. In addition, hot styling tools are a second reason why your temporary dye does not last for a long time.

Can you dye your hair at home?

Carmencitta magazine - Temporary Dyes Usage Guide 4

This only depends on you. If this is the first time you use temporary dye, and you feel nervous about it, go to a hair salon and try to learn how the hairdresser is applying it on your hair for next time. However, if you are willing to take the risk, try to go wild and use it crazily on your hair.

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