Silky hair using 1 ingredient only

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Too much dye, and excessive sun exposure, can lead your hair to become stiff and dry. Moreover, women go from one hairdresser to another trying to find the perfect mask for their hair so that it becomes silky and shiny, throwing away hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars with no good results. We have good news for you! There is one ingredient, found in every kitchen, that can have the same effect on your hair as the masks that you find when you go to the hair salon; and that ingredient is vinegar.

Benefits of vinegar on your hair

Carmencitta-MAgazine-Silky-hair-using-1-ingredient-only-2It was discovered, hundred years ago, that vinegar can make your hair look shiny and silky. Moreover, it makes your hair cuticles smooth, as well as it cleans the buildups on your hair. In order to get the best results, a special mixture should be applied to your hair after shower.

How to make a simple vinegar rinse

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Mix Vinegar with water

All you have to do is mix an amount of vinegar with the same amount of water. In fact, you can use either white or apple cider vinegar. In addition, you can add an extra table spoon of vinegar if you have oily hair.

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Wash your hair as you normally do

Use the same shampoo you did before, and wash it as you routinely do. Moreover, try to use cold water because it helps making your hair shine.

Do not use a conditioner

In fact, the mix will be enough for your hair to be shiny and silky; you can skip the conditioner!!

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Put the mixture on your hair

After you are done, pour the mixture on your scalp and try to massage it while making the whole mixture flow on your hair.

Wait 10 minutes

Wait for 10 minutes before you re wash your hair and blow dry it.

Repeat this twice or three times a week.


Steps for a Perfect Curly Hair

Carmencitta Magazine - Prefect Curly Hair

Natural Curly hair tends to be unruly and frizzy most of the times. However, your hair does not have to stay this way, because there are some proper care routines that will help you get them perfect curls. In fact, with a little time, proper care, curly hair can become soft, shiny, and beautiful. Keep on reading this article as we will show you how to tame your unruly mane into soft, sleek curls. And count you some steps that you can use in order to have a perfect curly hair.

Start with a great haircut

What most people do not know is: a great haircut is the foundation for great curls. Moreover, your actual natural curls start from the top of your head, so layers are great for curls, so that hair from the top of your head remains shorter and lighter so can curl better. In fact, a great hair stylist will know what to do, so be sure to find one that knows how to deal with curly hair.

Use the right shampoo and conditioner

Finding the right shampoo and conditioner for curly hair is hard. If it’s too light, your hair will be frizzy. If it’s too heavy, your curls will go limp. This is why, you need to keep on trying to find the perfect shampoo for your hair. And believe us, at the end, all the tries will be worth it.

Dry it properly

This step is super important, if not the most important one. In fact, you have to make sure that, when you get out of the shower, you will need to stop the habit of taking your normal terry cloth towel and rub your hair, and then wrap it around your hair. In fact, this is the number one cause of your hair being frizzy and not curly enough. Just try to get rid of the water before you get out of the shower.

Get Strong And Healthy Hair With These Tips

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What most people do not know is that in order to achieve healthy, strong hair, they need to be dedicated. In fact, if you eat hair-strengthening foods, avoid damaging grooming practices, and pamper your tresses with high-quality shampoos and conditioners, you can easily get your strong and healthy hair back. Keep in reading this article as we guide you through tips on how to get strong and healthy hair.

Clip the damaged ends

Carmencitta Magazine - Get Strong And Healthy Hair With These Tips 2Most of hairs tend to become more damaged with time. If your hair is beginning to get damaged, consider cutting off the most damaged parts. In fact, once you remove the broken part from your hair, it will immediately look healthier. Moreover, a trim should be done once every 6 weeks.

Carmencitta Magazine - Get Strong And Healthy Hair With These Tips 3Massage your scalp regularly

What most people do not know is that massaging your scalp will increase the blood flow to your hair follicles, helps stress relief, and conditions the scalp. As a result, you will have healthy hair as well as much less hair loss. Moreover, you do not need to go to a spa so that you can have a head massage; all you need to do is massage your scalp gently when you are shampooing your hair.

Avoid over-washing your hair

Carmencitta-Magazine-Get-Strong-And-Healthy-Hair-With-These-Tips-4When you wash your hair too often and too vigorously, it will lead your scalp and hair to lose all their natural oils, which makes your hair dull, as well as it causes a great damage to your scalp. Moreover, there is no schedule that should be followed when it comes to washing your hair, as people differ in their schedule depending on how fast their hair gets oily. However, you should wash it only 2 times per week, because by washing it every day, as we said, it will lose its natural oils.


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