Apple Inc. has become one of the world’s best corporations. Generating billions of dollars yearly, providing jobs worldwide, introducing astounding new products and technologies, and upending the apple carts of technology, social events, politics, and more. Apple’s achievements cover a lot of areas that it would take days to spotlight. Their rise to power has been an up and down battle of mega proportions, they have had to go up against fierce competitors, government regulations, and over. Nevertheless, when all is said and done, Apple is still a leader in originality and innovation. So let us look at some of the mind-blowing facts about Apple.

Carmencitta Magazine - 10 Mind-Blowing Facts about Apple Inc 2

  1. The name ‘Apple’ came from the founder Steve Jobs’ like of this fruit and named his company after that.
  2. Apple initially had 3 co-founders. The 3rd co-founder, a man named Ronald Wayne, had joined the 2 other co-founders, Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak but he left the company only 12 days after it was founded. Wayne sold his 10% share for only $800 and got an added payout of $1,500. If he stayed with the company, his shares would be today worth around $60 billion!
  3. Apple has a ‘no smoking’ ban concerning their computers. As ridiculous as it sounds, but if you smoke while using an Apple computer, you void the warranty – you have been warned!
  4. Apple employs more people than a good-sized city. It employs above 90,000 people.
  5. Apple is very successful, it has twice the amount of money than the U.S. Treasury.
  6. Apple is very fruitful, that in the first quarter of 2014, it made more money than Google, Facebook, and Amazon combined.
  7. Apple’s first company logo presented a drawing of Sir Isaac Newton, the father of physics.

Carmencitta Magazine - 10 Mind-Blowing Facts about Apple Inc 1

  1. Apple was the first to produce a digital color camera.
  2. Apple Inc. has around $155 billion cash on hand, which could give everyone in the US, $490.00!
  3. If Apple was a country, it would be the world’s 27th biggest country.

Overall, Apple’s history is one of amazement. Now one of the most powerful players in the mobile and computing fields, Apple carries on astonishing the world with its innovative products and services.