Mary Harris Jones, as known as Mother Jones, was a much known woman who had a role as a union activist. In fact, she is the one who founded the Social Democratic Party, as well as helped establishing the Industrial Workers of the World.



Mother Jones was born in Ireland, Country Cork, in 1830. After a while, her family immigrated to the west, first to Canada and after that to America. Bad luck was a friend to her as she lost her family to a yellow fever outbreak, and after that, her home in the great Chicago fire. Marry decided to become a labor activist and she was called by the nickname “Mother Jones” and considered her the champion of the working class. In 1930, Jones died.

Labor Activism

After all of her losses, Jones started her work as a labor activist. In fact, she worked with the Knights of Labor and gave them speeches in order to inspire the workers. Moreover, she traveled to multiple strike sites, to help coal miners in Pennsylvania in 1873 and railroad workers in 1877. In fact, she was called Mother because of the way she cared for the workers.

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In 1898, Mother Jones became the founder of the Social Democratic Party. Moreover, in 1905, Jones helped in establishing the Industrial Workers of the World. Surprisingly, Marry was considered to be one of the most dangerous women in America, by the authorities, due to her social reform and labor activities.


Furthermore, she was known that nothing could ever stop her. Even at the age of 82, she went to a strike in West Virginia. This strike went violent, and she was arrested. Mother Jones was sentenced with 20 years in jail. However, her supporters teamed together and convinced the governor to forgive her and set her free. However, all of that did not stop her, and she returned to organizing workers.