Bill Clinton is an American president and governor. He won the 1992 Democratic presidential nomination and reelected to a second term in 1996. He worked in issues that became important to him during his political career. Moreover, His Clinton Foundation and The Clinton Global Initiative remained on the world stage.

Carmencitta MAgazine - Bill Clinton Brief biography 3Early Life

William Jefferson Clinton, known as Bill Clinton, was born on August 19, 1946, in Hope, Arkansas, USA. His father William Jefferson Blythe died in a car crash several months before Clinton’s birth. Years later, his mother married Roger Clinton.


Carmencitta MAgazine - Bill Clinton Brief biography 2Clinton attended Hot Springs High School and graduated. At the time many considered him the best jazz saxophonist in the city. In 1963, he earned an invitation to meet President John F. Kennedy. In 1964, Clinton attended Georgetown University to study international affairs. After graduating in 1968, Clinton won Rhodes scholarship to study for two years at Oxford University. In 1970 he entered law school at Yale University.

Arkansas politics

Carmencitta MAgazine - Bill Clinton Brief biography 4Furthermore, in 1974 Clinton decided to begin the political career. A year later Clinton married Hillary Rodham, his fellow at Yale. In 1976 he became attorney general of Arkansas. After that he was elected as the head of Democratic Leadership Conference in 1991.

President: Bill Clinton

Carmencitta-MAgazine-Bill-Clinton-Brief-biography6.His campaign focused on economic issues, especially unemployment and health care. In 1992 Clinton became U.S president. Moreover, he appointed his wife to be the head of a task force to explore national health care reform. After the end of Clinton’s first term, he was elected to a second term as president.

After the presidency

Because of Clinton’s scandal about buying land along the Whitewater River in Arkansas. He was ordered to pay a $25,000 fine and admit that he had broken one of the Arkansas Bar’s rules of conduct.

Carmencitta-MAgazine-Bill-Clinton-Brief-biography-5.Clinton continues to be an active public figure, supporting many issues and causes that are important to the world. He established  Clinton Foundation too .

In 2013, Clinton received the Presidential Medal of Freedom.