This season is all about creativity. We are surrounded by white, green and red. From snowflakes, reindeers, Santa and his helpers, gingerbread houses and building snowmen to mistletoes and brightly-lighten trees, December has wonderful ways of making us enjoy the festivities. With all this variety in Christmas decorations, what a better way to celebrate than to turn your nails into colorful candy canes! Follow the instruction for the glittery nail art.

What you need:

  • Nail Polish: red, white and your most sparkly color
  • Thin brush
  • Top coat

Before you start:

Hold your brushes and your vivid bottles of nail polish. Before you start your fun adventure of transforming your nails into a sweet treat, try the nail art on one finger first to see if you actually like it. If you do, and it is likely that you will, go on with your colorful project.

How to do it:

Choose your favorite shade of red nail polish and use it as a top coat to cover the canvas (your nail, of course). Going for a nice and wine-like color is always better than neon red for a Christmas-themed nail art as it gives a more traditional look. Wait for it to dry and make sure that there are no traces of air bubbles or smudges. Apply a second coat of that dreamy red to maximize the beauty of that background color.

Using a thin brush and a white nail polish; draw three equally-distant diagonal lines on your nail. Note that the space between the lines should be wide enough to welcome a new color.

Bring out your sparkly side by filling the space between each of the white lines with a diagonal glittery color. Silver and gold go well with this design. Let it dry. Apply a final transparent top coat to protect your nail art and make it last longer.

Like the result? Play some Christmas carols in the background and enjoy decorating the rest of your nails by following the same simple and easy steps.