You may be one of the women who always like to get an appointment for a manicure and a pedicure. You are always wondering where to book an appointment, and which nail salon is the best in applying nail polish and taking care of you. However, even if the previously mentioned are essentials, but safety should be your main concern. We have gathered for you today some tips and information that you should consider before hitting that nail salon that has always been on your mind.

Check the legal stuff

One of the most important things to consider is if the nail salon is legal and certified. Technicians and machines should be licensed for them to be trustable. In general, salons hang their certificates in places that are visible to clients. This is why, always check the décor and the counter.



A clean nail salon means that your nails won’t get eaten by fungus. Moreover, a nail salon with a good reputation would be glad to talk with you about the procedures they take in order to keep the place clean.

A tour

Ask for a tour to see if the salon is neat. Check the solo nail counters, they should be dust-free, well maintained, and all the necessary equipment is available such as cotton swabs. However, if a tour was not made, and your request was answered with a bad look, leave the salon.

Do not shape your nails in advance


Just like you should not put makeup before going to a beautician for a makeup appointment, you should not either fiddle with your nails in advance. A good nail technician will know what the appropriate shape for your nails is and will ask you if it is okay to apply it.