Applying Lipstick seems easy enough that’s right, but do you want to know how to apply lipstick in flawless way? Take a look on these 7 tips to make your lips seemingly perfect. Then let your lips to all the talking!

Carmencitta-MAgazine-tips-to-apply-lipstick2.1- Prime And Preparation

Gently exfoliate your lips with a damp cloth. Then apply some lip balm. Take a good care of your lips, not just for superficial reasons but so they feel good too!

2- Pick A Tube


The next tip on applying lipstick is actually to pick a good lipstick. The look of matte lipsticks might be preferred, but it won’t always look all that great on you. Furthermore, glosses are hated by most women but they actually make you look quite fetching. Also, each lipstick formula has its pros and cons like mattes being long lasting but on the dry side and creamy ones can feel nice on but you might need to reapply often.

3- Get In Line


 Some say it can make you look older while others will say it’s a must to define your lips. Regardless of which lip liner school of thought you follow, applying lip liner can help it last longer!

Carmencitta MAgazine - tips to apply lipstick5

4- Color Inside The Lines


Using a lipstick brush can help you achieve a flawless application and it also helps lipstick to last longer.

5- Be A Blotter

After you apply your lipstick, take a tissue and press it over your lips.

6- Light Up Your Lips


Apply a highlighter or even a creamy concealer or white pencil liner to add some brightness and definition to your face and lips.

7- Avoid Kissing!


Avoid smooching or rubbing your lips together after you apply lipstick.

Lipstick application can be tricky at times because if you do it in a rush you can easily get in on your chin, teeth or some other place lipstick clearly doesn’t belong.