What if we tell you that you do not have to spend hours in front of your mirror, putting on your makeup? Yes! That can really happen! All you need is some tips and hacks that we will be providing you with. Once you get used to them, you will be able to put on your makeup in 10 minutes only.

A Gel Liner out of a Pencil eyeliner

Life Changing Makeup HacksAll you will need is a pencil eye liner that you thought was not good anymore because it has become too dry, in addition to a lighter. Turn on the flame, and hold the pencil under for 2 seconds. Be careful not to use it immediately, and let it cool down for 15 seconds. That’s it! Right! You now have a gel eyeliner.

Check your makeup under the outside light

Life Changing Makeup Hacks

Our bedrooms’ lights cannot give us a similar light to the outside world. In fact, when you are applying your makeup in a bedroom where the light is turned on, you may make the mistake of applying too much. However, you can still correct it when you get outside and look at a small pocket mirror.

An easier removal for glitter nail polish

Life Changing Makeup Hacks

When you want to apply glitter nail polish for a night and avoid the mess it makes when you take it off, skip the base coat step, and use instead white glue. After that, let it sit for a while until it is totally dry. Once it’s dry, apply the glittery nail polish which you can peel off whenever you want.

Use a white base coat

Life Changing Makeup Hacks

In fact, a white base coat can help your nail polish stand out more. Moreover, using a white base coat instead of a clear one, will prevent the nails from becoming stained, and will last longer than the clear one.