We have all been there! A thin layer of foundation or concealer applied, looks like a 100 layers all together! Cake makeup is a very disturbing thing because it makes your face look not so neat and far away from perfection. However, there are some causes and their solutions that we have today on how to prevent cake makeup.

Foundation and Concealer



These two, should never be used in a big quantity! In fact, many of us were never blessed with the smooth, perfect skin that we see on commercials. Which leads us to the over use of foundations and concealers. Well, ladies, this is not the solution! Instead of layering your foundation, use a beauty blender or a brush which help you have full coverage without looking cakey!

Thick Foundation



When your foundation has been in your makeup kit for a long time, it tends to become thicker. First, check its date, if it is more than a year, throw it away; if it is not, and still thick, add a few drops of facial oil so that it becomes thinner.


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Putting on too much powder on top of your foundation is one of the main factors that cause cake makeup. In fact, girls with oily skin think that too much powder will absorb the oil. As a matter of fact, powder does absorb the oil, but an excess amount will lead to cakey like makeup. The solution to this, is using a “mattifying” primer prior to foundation application. However, if you feel like you should use powder, apply it only on your T-zone but be careful not to apply too much of it.

Dry Skin

Dry skin is why your makeup looks flaky and uneven on your face, which makes it form lumps on the places where dryness occurs the most. The solution for this is, prior to applying foundation, hydrate your skin with a cream or with face oils.