“As we age, overall hair density changes and individual strands become finer,” says dermatologist Doris J. Day. This is not a problem only aged women encounter. Today, with pollution, malnutrition, junk food, stress, and many other reasons, women and men are facing the problem of falling and thinning hair. However, there are some remedies that help you prevent it, or make it less occurring.

Carmencitta magazine - thinning hair 1Appropriate Eating

In fact, our hair needs proteins, iron, zinc, and vitamins. Those mentioned nutrients are found in meat, fish, nuts, greens, and beans. Make sure to include them in every meal during the day, and months later, you will find that your hair has become stronger and less prone to falling.

Carmencitta magazine - thinning hair 2Massage while you shower

 Whenever you are applying shampoo on your head, try to massage it as much as you can. Since massage helps the blood flow to reach your scalp as well as making it easy for your shampoo to penetrate. Moreover, use a shampoo that aims to repair damaged and thinning hair.


Carmencitta magazine - thinning hair 3Lessen the styling

Hot irons and hair dryers are the main reason why your hair keeps on breaking and thinning. As a solution, try to lessen those two styling ways and dry your hair with a towel or let it air dry.

Laser treatments

Laser treatments have shown a great success in regenerating the hair base. In a recent study, scientists have said that after 26 weeks of laser treatments, they saw an increase in hair density.


Do not over stress

Try as much as you can to not stress! Just breathe, take it easily, and take out the stress built in. yoga classes can help you get rid of the stress you face every day.

Take care of your blood

It may seem awkward, but hair growth is tied up to kidneys and blood. If you have an under the average percentage of any part of your blood, try to enhance it with compatible medicine.