Natural Curly hair tends to be unruly and frizzy most of the times. However, your hair does not have to stay this way, because there are some proper care routines that will help you get them perfect curls. In fact, with a little time, proper care, curly hair can become soft, shiny, and beautiful. Keep on reading this article as we will show you how to tame your unruly mane into soft, sleek curls. And count you some steps that you can use in order to have a perfect curly hair.

Start with a great haircut

What most people do not know is: a great haircut is the foundation for great curls. Moreover, your actual natural curls start from the top of your head, so layers are great for curls, so that hair from the top of your head remains shorter and lighter so can curl better. In fact, a great hair stylist will know what to do, so be sure to find one that knows how to deal with curly hair.

Use the right shampoo and conditioner

Finding the right shampoo and conditioner for curly hair is hard. If it’s too light, your hair will be frizzy. If it’s too heavy, your curls will go limp. This is why, you need to keep on trying to find the perfect shampoo for your hair. And believe us, at the end, all the tries will be worth it.

Dry it properly

This step is super important, if not the most important one. In fact, you have to make sure that, when you get out of the shower, you will need to stop the habit of taking your normal terry cloth towel and rub your hair, and then wrap it around your hair. In fact, this is the number one cause of your hair being frizzy and not curly enough. Just try to get rid of the water before you get out of the shower.