If you want to explore Colombia, the thrilling paradise of cloud forested mountains, palm-fringed beaches and gorgeous colonial cities, you might need more than two months. Indeed Colombia is such a large country, here you are a guide to Colombia in order to visit the best places when you choose it as a Destination to your next trip.


It is a charming Spanish Colonial with a tropical weather. You need to spend a full day in magnificent Rosario Islands, where the water is so bright and clear, there where you can relax your brain as your eyes too. In 1984 this walled city became one of the UNESCO World Heritage Site. It has a lot of restaurants and you need to explore the old town there.


It became the ‘World’s Most Innovative City’ in 2012. Its weather is refreshing through all the days of the year. Not only it has beautiful weather, but also it has education institutions, plenty of museums, galleries and even culture scenes. Medellin is also famous because of its night life.

Salento and the Coffee Triangle

Salento is the coffee reign, locates in in the middle of Colombia’s famous Coffee Triangle. You cannot miss go hiking in the beautiful Valle del Cocora and discovering all the towns in the coffee triangle. It is the best place to take a deep breath in the stretching countryside that surrounded by the green hills.

Cabo de la Vela, La Guajira

Cabo de la Vela is a desert wasteland, locates in the northern part of the country, the Guajira Peninsula. With the majestic of the sea, it is indeed a unique landscape where the desert meets the sea playing a peaceful harmony. Once you arrive there you must spend a time in Tayrona National Park.